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How I See You: for my second son {Day 18}

Two weekends ago (wow, have I been in this Write31Days challenge that long already!?) I wrote a poem for my first son. Today, I’m writing one for my second and youngest boy.

Parenting poetry Write31daysExplosive

your arrival in middle-night

your temper loud and back-flipped

your strength of arm and heart

your love energetic and forgiving


From your meteoric birth,

Your newborn arms, even weak,

reflexed tightly–

the most beautiful jewel

I wear around my neckParenting poetry Write31days

Our noses touch, you love to brush

nosey-posey’s and sleep cheek-to-cheek:

“nuggles” with Mommy.

If I whisper “ouch” at a snag or bump

“You’K?” you ask,

quick of eye and heart


Oh! the dichotomy of you:

You reach out–

hit your brother,

then: “You’K?”

you reach out–

to hug and hold.

One day you’ll learn

not all can be fixed with a hug

but today… hugs still work!







eat-it-ALL diner,



mee-mee (binky) lover,



Until you,

nobody colored my walls,

drank my coffee,

spread food all over the floor,

kissed my boo-boo’s,

stole borrowed my books,

or laughed at my jokes.

God knew, I needed you.


Hazelnut eyes

reflect my own

your face, your passions

a mirror I can love to look into

and wonder

because unlike me – who you are

is still so much yet to be.Parenting poetry Write31days


So, just a word about free verse (not to be confused with blank verse, which is un-rhymed iambic pentameter). Free verse has no form, no rhyme, and no meter (meter being the count and pattern of stressed vs. unstressed syllables). It’s name says it all: free. Free verse is a great way to get into poetry writing because there’s literally no restrictions.

Some advice when writing free verse is to focus on repetition, internal rhyme, and use of the five senses, otherwise you may end up sounding too similar to a prose paragraph just broken into lines. Which, if that’s what you intended, is your call! Free is free, after all!

My personal critique of this poem is that it needs more sensory detail but… it’s late on a Saturday night! So I’ll leave it for future revision!

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