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Bump Ahead! Cake Lingerie Nursingwear Review

Babies are beautiful. Pregnant bellies are beautiful. All the little daydreams you have with your hand on your belly, counting kicks… are beautiful. You are vibrant, glowing, and your life is about to change (perhaps again, and perhaps for the first time) in so many miraculous ways… motherhood is one of the most beautiful transformations on earth (even if it doesn’t always feel that way, I believe it!).

Unfortunately, the lingerie section of most maternity stores do NOT tell expectant mamas they are are beautiful. It yawns at us – B.O.R.I.N.G. Ho hum. Beige.

I know we get mommy brain, prego-brain, sleep-deprived brain and more… but our sense of fashion doesn’t get pushed out the door by our expanding bellies! Mamas want pretty! Fun! And decadent! Like Cake.

I mean Cake Maternity! A sophisticated maternity / nursing lingerie line catering to the feminine side of pregnancy and motherhood. Designed by mothers for mothers, Cake Lingerie gives moms a chance to feel beautiful again in our own skin, and in our undies! Every piece in their collection is has pretty details, elegant lines, and unique style.

I loved trying out Cake Maternity’s Blueberry Torte nightwear. The modal cotton fabric of the 3/4 pants and camisole feel fantastic for this tired mama at the end of the day. Fluttery lace trim and gathering details make for a delightfully feminine pajama set. Works for both pregnant and nursing mothers, so you can keep wearing long after your baby arrives (and believe me, you’ll want to!)! (And there is a BEE-utiful robe that matches in a gorgeous white/blue print!).

The camisole is so pretty, you’d never believe it can be a nursing cami too, but it does have a light shelf bra and clips to access the front for breastfeeding mothers. The fabric is stretchy and soft to be non-restrictive to your growing belly during pregnancy!

If you’re considering a gift for a new or soon-to-be mama, there really isn’t anything LOVELIER than some Cake Maternity!

Cake Maternity carries a fashionable and versatile bras, underwear, nightwear, and robes. Available online at their store, and at over 300 high-end maternity / lingerie boutiques.

Thanks to Cake Maternity for providing the nightwear for review.