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Learning Takes the Scenic Route with these Civil War Driving Tours

As we embark on our third full-year of homeschooling, my goal as an educator is to teach my kids “how to think, not what to think.” Sometimes that means leaving our table and getting out for some real-world discovery! That’s why I’m particularly excited to partner with Alamo Rent A Car to share their Civil War driving tours, which are perfect for more than just history buffs!

Civil War Driving Tours

Right now, we’re studying United States history and geography and loving every minute! My kids think history is so exciting, and I want to keep that momentum going as they grow older.

One way to make history come alive is to take “field trips” to locations where significant historical events took place. When kids get to see the fields, touch the rocks, look out over the landscapes that held such moments… history will become ever so much more real to them!

And Alamo Rent A Car has the perfect historical itinerary for family travel all mapped out! These five driving tours of civil war battlefields will bring you back 150 years to the time of Lincoln and Lee!

Civil War Driving Tours

Our family is seriously putting this driving tour on our Spring Break vacation schedule. We’re going to turn our vacation into a little “roadschooling” field trip! Our trip plans will include a stay in Washington, D.C. followed by a few days driving out to visit these Civil War battlefields:

  • Manassas National Battlefield Park – where the Second Battle of Bull Run was fought.
  • Antietam National Battlefield
  • Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Monocacy National Battlefield – nicknamed “the battle that saved Washington, D.C.”
  • Appomattox Court House National Historical Park – where Lee surrendered

These important battlefields will become more than just rattled off names in a list for our children as we tour the hills and farms, stop at churches and courthouses and view history with our own eyes.

Civil War Driving Tours

You’ll want to visit Alamo Rent a Car’s article Explore History: 5 Driving Tours of Civil War Battlefields to get all the details on how to plan this historical vacation with your family. The article shares details of where to go, what you’ll see, and how to download apps and podcasts that will give you a narrated history while you drive through these sites.

Each of these battlefields is within driving distance of Washington D. C. and the entire loop looks to be about 500 miles total. So, you could station yourself in the capital city and loop out for a daytrip, or make an overnight stop along the way.

If you’ve flown into D.C. for a trip, this would be a great excursion! Just rent a car from one of Alamo Rent a Car’s four D. C. locations and be on your way! Or read some of the other fabulous articles on The Scenic Route, Alamo Rent A Car’s collection of travel stories and guides to get more day trip and driving tour ideas!

I can’t wait to share history in this very real and authentic way with my children this year!

Where would you go on a historical vacation!?

Civil War Driving Tours

Trisha W

Monday 23rd of October 2017

That's nice that they are using their marketing to help promote learning history. I hope you are able to make that trip for your spring break.