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Get Your Home Smelling Fresh for the Holidays

I spend more time creating pleasing home scents during fall and winter than any time of year. Probably because we’re usually stuck inside most of the time, so it’s nice when the house smells good! I’ve teamed up with OdorKlenz again to share ways you can get your home smelling fresh for the holidays!

I’m pretty sure top of the charts for most people when it comes to holiday favorites are… the SMELLS! Everyone enjoys those sweet or pungent smells of fall and winter: cinnamon, vanilla, pine, frankincense, baked goods, snow (yes, I think snow has a smell!).

home smelling fresh

Get your home smelling great for the holidays

The first step in getting your home to smell great for the holidays is to eliminate sources of odor:

Old laundry items stuck behind beds, dressers, the hamper or washer. Do a sweep and get these smell-absorbers into the laundry as fast as you can! (Don’t forget to use these handy tips for odor-free laundry!).

Storage items are another spot where smells linger and grow. I have bags of old towels, clothes, and sheets I’ve been meaning to donate for months! Plus a rug we aren’t using, and assorted papers that need to get shredded. I’m going to take some time and get these things out of the house so they aren’t a) taking up space and b) trapping bad odors.

home smelling freshSink smells! Yes, I know it’s not spring, but doing a thorough sink cleaning this time of year (kitchen AND bathroom) can help you reduce smells! You might find leaks that need to be stopped before they do more damage – leaky faucets also create damp, mildewy smells. If you keep your compost bin under the sink (like we do), it may be time to soak that thing and wipe up around the bottom of the sink to get rid of stray food scraps that fell out.

Eliminate hidden sources of odor. You know you still smell something… what could it be? Ahh, check your pipes! Yes, those lingering odors could be your sink drain and disposal from foods like milk, raw meat, and greasy cooking. You don’t think about these spots much because you can’t see them, but they may be releasing odors all day long into your kitchen or bathroom.

Take care of that with OdorKlenz’s Sink & Disposal Cleaner & Deodorizer. OdorKlenz uses a natural formulation of metal oxides that neutralize odors. That means, you’re not covering up smells with perfumes or blasting them with bleach only to have them return later. You’re actually getting rid of the odors at the source, due to the earth minerals and viscous liquid formula of this cleaner; it goes deep into where those odors are originating and eliminates them!

home smelling fresh

Make sure you don’t carry odors around with you. Your skin picks up odors as well from food prep (onions, anyone!?). Some of these odors stick to your skin, despite a soap and water washing, so you need the extra help of earth minerals like zinc, titanium, and magnesium oxides found in OdorKlenz’s Hand Soap & Deodorizer. Like the other odor-eliminating products from OdorKlenz, the earth minerals in this hand soap neutralize and break down odors, so they leave your skin!

Finally, once you remove the bad odors from your home, add a touch of holiday spirit with natural essential oil diffusers! I’ll be sharing how to make three DIY home fragrance diffusers in the next few weeks, like some DIY Essential Oil Simmer Pots, DIY Framed Air Freshener, and DIY Holiday Themed Scent Jars!

home smelling fresh

Remember… Clean Has No Odor®!

home smelling fresh

You can’t deal with odors by masking them, you have to get rid of them entirely. I’ve never seen a product quite like OdorKlenz, with their focus on actually removing and neutralizing odors so they just aren’t there! OdorKlenz® products are earth-friendly and non-toxic odor eliminators! Made with non-nanoparticle earth minerals like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and magnesium oxide, OdorKlenz® products are safe and effective for eliminating stubborn odors.

Using a patented earth mineral technology, OdorKlenz® gets at the chemical sources of odors, and absorbs and neutralizes them. Because they use natural minerals (metal oxides), it’s safe to use OdorKlenz on all your home and laundry odors.

Check out OdorKlenz Hand Soap & Deodorizer and Sink & Disposal Cleaner & Deodorizer to get your home smelling great for the holidays! OdorKlenz has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, plus free shipping on orders over $75!

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home smelling fresh

>>>Stay tuned because next month I’m going to share how I keep holiday travels fresh and easy, with the help of OdorKlenz®!

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