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My Sporty Kids Stink! (how to get rid of sports smells!)

As one of the boys threw an outfit into the hamper, I asked, “Is that really dirty?” And then… he did the sniff test! The sniff test, my friends! My dear, little sweet-smelling boy is old enough to do the sniff test!? He wrinkled his nose and threw the offending item in the bin. “Ohhhh yeah, Mom! That’s dirty!” he announced. And there you have it: my kid stinks! And I bet yours do too! This fall, here’s how we’re getting rid of those yucky sports smells!

sports smellsSponsored post. 

One reason fall is my favorite season is there are so many YUMMY smells. However, fall also means sports leauges, closing up houses, and rolling up windows in cars. Odors tend to accumulate, and then you’re stuck inside with them. I’ve partnered with OdorKlenz® to share a three-part series on how we’re combating funky sports, home, and car smells this fall! (Plus, I’ve got a great discount code for you at the end!)

With the boys being older and active, our laundry bin sees excessive pairs of socks dangling off and around it these days. My kids have to change their socks for everything! Are yours like that too?

Fall sports brings additional laundry hazards into play. Little boys produce an awful lot of sweat I’m noticing! My once so-sweet little boys’ toes I used to kiss and tickle… have begun to produce nefarious odors from their many activities. Wahh!

Plus, synthetic sports fabrics are prone to locking in stubborn odors, which creates a recipe for an odor pileup! That locker-room smell can invade your home quickly!

How to get rid of that smell (insert any kind of laundry smell!)

I bet you’ve noticed how sometimes when you fold your CLEAN laundry, certain pieces still have that whiff of funky smell to them? It’s something I can’t put my finger on – I think I smell it in passing, but then taking a big inhale, I can’t seem to find the offending piece.

We clean our washing machine regularly to get any old smells out, but some smells transfer no matter what. That’s because many detergents are only designed to lift off surface debris and dirt (hence the term “surfactants”) but they aren’t getting deep into the fibers to neutralize the odors at the source. You need a little boost in the laundry to truly eliminate tough perspiration odors buried deep into clothing fibers.

Use a sports laundry additive. My first step towards totally odor free laundry is to use OdorKlenz® Sport Laundry Additive to eliminate those whiffs of stink! Their blend of natural earth minerals don’t mask odors – they neutralize them so they are truly GONE!

With a patented earth mineral technology, OdorKlenz® gets at the many chemical sources of an odor using absorptive neutralization. But with natural minerals, so it’s safe to use on all your home and laundry needs.

The OdorKlenz® Sports Laundry Additive is used together with your regular laundry detergent, so you’re washing away dirt, and eliminating odors in the same wash!

*HINT* This works great on those musty kitchen towels too!


Use an odor eliminating powder. The second step in my sports laundry routine is to use OdorKlenz® Sport odor eliminating powder. Every sport has equipment that can’t be laundered regularly – or at all. Shoes, bags, mitts, gloves, helmets: almost all  of these come into contact with your kids’ sweaty bodies and harbor smells.

OdorKlenz® Sport powder is specifically designed for shoes with a handy flip spout lid. Just a sprinkle in your children’s shoes removes unwanted odors and leaves fresh-smelling (Read: NO smelling!) shoes ready for the next big game!

I coat a visible layer of this powder on my son’s shoes and shin guards (yes, they let him play in just sneakers in his league), since we don’t wash those regularly during the season because they’re constantly in use. OdorKlenz® Sports powder stays inside the shoe and keeps working even weeks later!

*Not gonna lie, I’m putting this in my winter boots too!Use a wet bag. I stick all the stinky laundry into a PUL lined wet bag left over from my cloth diapering days. This helps contain the damp and stink. Odors can transfer to other clothing quickly, and I’d like to reduce the amount of really smelly laundry I have to do!

My boys love to giggle about their smelly feet and try to stick their stinky toes in each other’s faces. I’m told it’s the age. Ahhh! At least now I have a way to get rid of those stinky smells in the laundry and from their gear. And I’ll tackle those toes at bathtime, too!

How can I get rid of stinky sports laundry!?

If you’ve got stinky feet in your house (and I do hope you’re blessed with a few pairs!), you really need to check out OdorKlenz®. Their products are natural, earth-friendly and non-toxic odor eliminators! Made with non-nanoparticle earth minerals like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and magnesium oxide, OdorKlenz® products are safe, yet effective for eliminating stubborn odors.

Check out their Sports Laundry Additive and Sport Odor Eliminating Powder! They have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, plus free shipping on orders over $75!

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Remember… Clean Has No Odor®!

>>>Stay tuned because next month I’m going to share how I infuse my home with the delicious smells of the holidays, with the help of OdorKlenz®!

This post was sponsored and compensated by OdorKlenz. I am also an OdorKlenz Affiliate partner, which means that I may receive a small percentage of sales completed by clicking on the links in this post.