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Follow your art with colorful styles for kids!

The paper, crayons, and pencils in our house disappear at an amusing rate. Our boys’ love for drawing is surpassed only by the rate at which they grow out of their clothes! One of their favorite art activities is to recreate artwork they see in our history and art books. Just like kids often grow in their parents’ footsteps, so great artists help kids follow their art! This spring, I’ve teamed up with Gymboree to share how colorful styles for kids help them “follow their art” too!

colorful styles for kids

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Colorful styles for kids let them follow their art!

colorful styles for kids

The boys love tracing famous paintings and drawing in nature journals. Since early spring weather can be a bit yucky for outdoor art, we took a field trip to another place that’s great for encouraging kids to follow their heart and make art: an art museum!

You might think an art museum is a stuffy place to bring kids, but these days, art museums welcome kids and make spaces that encourage them to let their creativity out!

On our trip the boys got to see and create art in so many ways. They copied modern art pieces and had fun mimicking the lines and dots, giving their drawings names like Sunshiney Beach.

colorful styles for kids

We craned our necks up at hanging sculptures and admired the ever-changing play of light and shadow. And wondered how we could recreate them with plastic containers at home.

The boys paused at glass sculptures filled with nobel gases and I explained how art can come in so many forms and textures.

colorful styles for kids

We found interactive tables inviting to kids to design their own movie posters. So they drew their own, right next to to the inspirations of hand-painted vintage-style movie posters. The boys loved drawing their ideas of Batman and Star Wars movies, even though they’ve never seen either – which is EXACTLY what the artists used to have to do!

And of course, the boys loved the kids Art Lab where they got to play with color, shape, and line at a light table. A chalkboard helped them create poetry, a stage gave them space to make a puppet show! And of course, they built a small city out of LEGO bricks.

Kids follow their heart in dressing up too!

colorful styles for kidscolorful styles for kids

We had so much fun touring the New Britain Museum of American Art. Since we would be among great art pieces by Georgia O’Keeffe and Andrew Wyeth, I thought it fitting to dress the boys up just a little bit – but not too much!

Turns out, mixing casual with dressy is the same kind of fun as mixing paint colors! Ombré tee with dinosaur print shirts. Shorts topped with a plaid button-down shirt layered with an electric lemon yellow polo shirt – the colors really POP!! Yes, it’s not too avante garde for little art lovers!

colorful styles for kids

Canvas sneakers with bow ties (a dinosaur bow tie!) is a great combo! The relaxed jean shorts help that bow-tie feel fun and not stuffy! My five year old and I both loved these splatter sneakers! He keeps trying to tease me about getting paint on his shoes!

Dressing down dress up clothes is perfect for helping kids express themselves in their wardrobe as well as in their art. Plus, these kind of mix and match style combos can be the answer for parents. Kids can express their personality and parents can know they’re looking dapper for any situation.

Now kids can follow their heart when they get dressed in the morning. Making their style a personalized work of art – I guess that’s why they call it a fashion statement? The same concepts of color, shape, and line we find in art, are present in the colorful styles for kids available this spring at Gymboree!

colorful styles for kids

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Sunday 11th of February 2018

Looks like a fun day! Great job with cute outfits mixed with Art! :)