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Frozen Yogurt Grapes Snack for Kids

Mom, can I have a snack!?

Those words are often heard these days, whether in the midst of play or from the back of the car on a long road trip (or short!).

Kids love to “snack” and I definitely have a “grazer” in one of my boys, so I’m always looking to provide fresh and healthful options for their nibbling needs!

More and more, I’ve been looking to give them fresh food snacks instead of ripping open a package. One snack my kids adore are grapes… “on the stick” as they say! (grapes on their stem).

They sit contentedly noshing, pulling grape after grape off the bunch.

frozen yogurt grapes snack idea

Try Frozen Yogurt Grapes for a fun snack!

I’ve talked before about how we love frozen grapes, and last week I tried a new variation I’d seen done around the web: frozen yogurt grapes with various toppings!

It’s pretty easy – just throw grapes on a tray and freeze! Oh, yes, you can skewer them onto a kabob stick, jab a toothpick into them, leave them loose or create mini bunches of 3 grapes. Whatever your fancy, it doesn’t matter.

Freeze overnight and then dip into yogurt followed by the topping of choice.

frozen yogurt grapes snack idea

I mixed my yogurt with a little maple syrup. We tried chia seeds, chopped walnuts, and slivered almonds for “toppings.”

You could eat them right away, or pop back in the freezer for later.

Either way, the boys and I enjoyed trying out the new snack version.

And here’s the best part about this snack – you can stop your process at any time and enjoy! Want just fresh grapes on a kabob? Done.

How about plain frozen grapes? Done.

Looking for a bit  more – move on to the yogurt and toppings step! It’s all good!!!

frozen yogurt grapes snack idea

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Grapes make a fresh good-for-you snack for kids

frozen yogurt grapes snack ideaGrapes are quintessential kid snacks, aren’t they? for good reasons: 

  • Grapes have no preservatives
  • Grapes are less than 100 calories per serving!

How do you like to eat your grapes!? Fresh or frozen!?