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Gift a Conscious Box ~ Review

When family and friends are spread apart, it’s hard to find that perfect gift. And often hard to find time to package and send it too!

Last year, I gave a friend of mine a subscription to Conscious Box. A company dedicated to scouring the earth to find pure, sustainable products, handpicked just for you!

I imagined it would be fun for my friend to receive a gift monthly instead of just one time. With Conscious Box, she’d receive several gifts, and every box would be packed full of surprising new products to try out!

When Conscious Box contacted me to review their gift boxes, I was excited, because I’d finally get to see a sample of what my friend might have experienced. One major benefit of a sample service like this is the ability to discover a lot of products without committing to the cost of purchasing them full-size!

The Conscious Box itself is a sturdy, cardboard container, filled to the brim with products, coupons, and information. My box contained a mix of supplements, food and body products. As a monthly subscription service, Conscious Box offers three plans: 1 month, 3 month, and 12 month packages. There is slight savings as you commit to more months in advance.

Here’s what I received and the estimated value:

  • Body Cream samples (ARV $1.50)
  • Barlean’s Omega Swirl Fish Oil sample (ARV $.66)
  • Artisana Raw Coconut Butter sample (ARV $1.00)
  • Amazing Grass Amazing Meal sample (ARV $3.00)
  • ImmunoViva Defend Energy sample (ARV $1.00)
  • Joy’s Teaspoon Teas samples (ARV $2.00)
  • Jovial Einkhorn Pasta sample (ARV $1.20)
  • Wild Rose Aromatherapy Herbs samples ($7.98)
  • Avalon Organics Lotion & Shower Gel travel size (ARV $2.00)
  • Health Force Superfoods Vitamineral Green 20 grams trial ($2.95)

The total value of my products was about $23.29. When you consider the cost to purchase one Conscious Box is $19.95, I was pleased to see the box’s value was more than the cost (especially considering postage was $7.95!).

I also kept in mind the point of Conscious Box is NOT to create a “bargain bin,” but to give consumers a fast and easy way to experience a wide range of carefully curated products. Products that line up with your values – sustainable, organic, ethical… While not every item is going to be organic or vegan, Conscious Box has researched the brands and company histories of all products in the box. They also offer a 100% Vegan Box option!

I found myself wishing my box had contained at least one non-consumable product though. It would’ve been nice to have an item to continue using after the box itself was recycled! Maybe some boxes do have these types of items – my review is only one experience with Conscious Box!

Overall, I think Conscious Box is a delightful subscription box service that educates the consumer. The products included were of high quality, intruiging (both in type and in company backgrounds), and all very useful!. In fact, I don’t think I had heard of even ONE of the brands featured in my box!

Consider giving a Conscious Box subscription for Christmas this year!

Have you ever given or received a subscription box service? What were your thoughts?

Thanks to Conscious Box for sending a sample to review! All opinions are 100% my own!