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Try group gifting online for baby showers

This post about group gifting online is brought to you by Pish Posh Baby, and I received compensation for my partnership with them.

As you know (and moms-to-be will learn), baby gear is expensive!! Thankfully, most of us are blessed to have baby showers thrown for us by loving friends and family!

However. Have you gone to buy from a baby registry last minute? (Shh, I won’t tell, I’ve been there too!), and find the only things left are twenty times out of your price range? Yep, I thought so.

online baby registry

Now, thanks to Pish Posh Baby’s group gifting online option, you won’t have to decide between ransacking your bank account for that $100+ baby monitor, or giving a puny little pack of trial sized bath products as your gift (because you know that’s the only OTHER option left on the registry the night before the shower!).

You’ll want to read this post to check out how innovative, interactive, and service-oriented the Pish Posh Baby company is!

group gifting online

You’ve probably “gone in on” a gift with friends before. But how awkward is it to determine what each person will give, collect the money, purchase the item (you forgot sales tax, so that comes out of your pocket extra!), and then everyone pass around a card to sign. Exhausting, right?

Now it’s easy to give pregnant mamas the “big gifts” they really need for their baby. Have mom-to-be friends start their baby registry at Pish Posh Baby. Then you and your friends can participate in group gifting online to get her a larger gift! You can share the registry on Facebook to get more people involved!

Each person can donate the amount of their choice, and it combines to help purchase a larger gift item.

group gifting online

How does group gifting online deliver!?

The group gift is sent as an e-gift card, and givers can record video messages! Perfect for friends and family out of town to participate in a baby shower from afar!

Even though the group gift states the gift card is intended for a certain product, if the mother-to-be changed her mind or already received the item, she can use the card for a different item!

Isn’t this group gifting online option amazing?! I wish I’d had this available when I was a new mom. Group gifting online would’ve saved me many store return visits!!

More perks to starting a baby registry at Pish Posh Baby!

It’s as easy as a click to get the ball rolling on group gifting online, and you’ll have access to the free advice from the real mom experts at Pish Posh Baby!

PLUS, when moms start an online baby registry at Pish Posh Baby, they get free shipping AND a free gift: $20 to for baby announcements!

Now is a REALLY good time to get that baby registry going, because Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are coming and Pish Posh Baby has two great sales for these days:

group gifting online

Would you use the group gifting online option from Pish Posh Baby? Have you ever participated in a group gift?

This is a partnered post with Pish Posh Baby and I received compensation for sharing this message. All opinions are my own.