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How to Reach Your Goals (Realistic Ones!) – My #1 Tip!

This week my inbox has filled with emails claiming they can keep me on track, help me “crush” my goals, and be my happiest self this year! (And some of you are still curled in a ball because last year’s goals didn’t work out). As I flipped through my emails, I wondered: “Do I really add my two-cents to the fray?” Still… organizing and planning is second nature to me, so I want to share my number one tip for how to reach your goals (the realistic ones!).

reach your goals

How to reach your goals (realistically!)

I could talk about how to set SMART goals. But I did that already – Click to read about Making SMART Goals instead of New Year’s Resolutions.

I could tell you all about a really cool book I read about forming great habits. Habits are essential to getting goals done. But… I have a friend, Christie Thomas, who wrote a wonderful mini-series about how to form habits that stick (and the best spiritual habit for your family). It’s a great read and quick!

But I want to talk about ONE-practical-easy-tangible-THING to help you reach your goals this year. Then I’ll tell you HOW to do it well! I say this because I found this one action step has been working for me and my family.

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Do this ONE THING to help you reach your goals

reach your goals

In past years, I’ve set goals – realistic goals, even. Then… “something”  happens and it’s October-November-December. And I might have done my goal a couple times and then the whole shebang fizzled out.

When I tell you my “not-so-super-secret strategy,” you’re going to think it’s so simple. But stick around for HOW I do it, which may blow your mind (it did mine when I started doing this!).

Okay, so ready!? My number one tip for how to reach your goals this year is: Put it on your calendar. Yep. That’s it. This one little action step will help you GET to your goal. I’ll say it again:

Put it on the calendar. 

This is so so so important! Every day, week, or however often you want to work on your goal, it has GOT to get onto your calendar.

Why? Because putting your goal on the calendar does three very important things:

  1. Creates space (in time) for your goal to happen.
  2. Tells you (and others) that your goal is important.
  3. Makes your goal visible to you at regular intervals.
Because putting your goal on the calendar does three very important things - find out what they are! #goals #goalsetting #achieve Click To Tweet


My “life hack” for putting goals on the calendar

Now. Let me share a “life hack” I learned recently about HOW to put goals on the calendar.

You need Google Calendar app on mobile for this next part (but if you don’t use that, I have a spin-off idea). Google Calendar is my preferred planner system because I can share with others, move items around quickly, set reminders, add notes, etc.

Inside Google Calendar is a feature called “Goals.” If you click the “plus” sign to add an event, you’ll see it gives three options: event, reminder, goal. I never noticed the goal option until recently, silly me!

reach your goals

Click Goals and walk through the brief questionnaire about your type of goal (you can create custom ones), how often to work on your goal, and what times of day are best for you.

Google then “finds” time in your calendar based on your answers. One glitch is if you use multiple calendars, it will only recognize your main calendar events. So just rearrange! I drag and drop the goals to better spots as needed.

reach your goals

But wait, there’s more! This is the best part. You can see I have a Reading goal every morning. When I complete that goal/task, I open the task and select “Did it.” Google then tracks my progress! If I can’t do the goal, I either move it manually or ask Google to assign it to a “Later” time. There’s an option to simply mark it as “Not completed,” which might be helpful since Google Goals “learn” your schedule and will adjust as you use it.

If you don’t use Google Calendar, or you aren’t a digital person, you can STILL schedule goals into your calendar. “Pencil in” times on a paper calendar, or put mini-post it notes in your lovely paper planner and move them about as needed.

Remember: It’s just a system, and systems should support us, not rule us. Make this idea work for you!

Make and track your goals this year

Making time and visible space for your goals to happen will move you forward. But after all, goals are the destination, and life is a journey. A journey with God leading your steps.

A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. Proverbs 16:9

You may need longer than a year to meet your goals. That’s okay! At year-end, if you’ve done 60% of your goal, that’s progress, right! If you’re struggling with unmet goals, I suggest you read my previous post for encouragement.

Happy New Year!

reach your goals

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