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Get kids on the family cleaning team with food-based cleaning vinegars

This week we took on the family cleaning with Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar as part of a sponsored post for Aunt Fannies. #HealthierHousekeeping

I do family chores in the morning with the boys before we start our homeschooling. Enlisting their aid in tackling the family cleaning list is how I’m teaching them we all work together to help the family out! I feel great about getting my kids on the family cleaning team with food-based, non-toxic Cleaning Vinegars from Aunt Fannies!


Get kids excited to be on the family cleaning team!

So I feel great when my kids clean. But how to make THEM feel great too!? I use a variety of ideas to get my boys excited about cleaning!

family cleaning team

I make a big deal about my cleaning products. When I opened the Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar, I shared my excitement about the refreshing smell of eucalyptus, fresh lime mint, and sweet mandarin essential oils! I let my boys smell each one and pick out their favorite scent. And since Aunt Fannies is made with non-toxic, food-based ingredients, my boys are safe smelling and touching the products while they clean.

Dramatizing the work helps my boys get excited too! I found two cute little button pins in my package from Aunt Fannies. So I pinned them to old baseball caps, and told my boys this was their special uniform. I dubbed them the Clean Team, and sent them on a mission to round up all the dirt! Dramatic play always helps make chores fun!

And…what kid doesn’t like to squirt things? Since they each had their own bottle, they sprayed and squirted our living room windows to their hearts’ content. I told them the window panes were their targets and to try to spray the middle of each pane. They loved that! Okay, so my windows might be a little “extra” clean, and I had to go around the edges for them, but who is complaining about that!?

Showing appreciation goes a long way. I cheered them on as they cleaned, remarked about what good “dirt detectives” they were, and at the end, awarded them each a big sticker for being part of my Clean Team! I told them to be on the lookout for more dirt-roundup adventures coming up!

Giving fruit flies the “one-two” punch!

family cleaning teamI am thankful for this new concept of Aunt Fannie’s Flypunch! Since we eat a ton of fresh product, and are bringing our garden produce in for fall, we’re seeing an uprising of fruit flies. You may have noticed fruit flies just show up out of nowhere, right? That’s because they come in on food bought at the store and then set up shop, multiplying faster than rabbits.

Fruit flies look small, but they are disgusting! They carry illnesses, and contaminate and ruin the fruits (literally) of our garden labor. As this is a prime preserving and baking time of year, I do not want those little bugs ruining my home-cooked meals!

Many commercial fruit fly products use poisons from WWII nerve agents – wow, that’s a scary thing to release into your home!?

Not Aunt Fannie’s! Their DiveJar of Flypunch! is food-based and research shows it’s 544% more effective at eliminating fruit flies than other products! And no work: just open up the jar and it immediately attracts and kills fruit flies!

My boys loved the name of Aunt Fannie’s Flypunch! product. They got to pick where to set out the Flypunch! jars and then do a series of karate punches to keep the flies away (we’ll just let them think that, right?).

Kids clean safely with food-based cleanersfamily cleaning team

Of course, I couldn’t have my little kids helping me clean unless I had a safe, food-based cleaner like Aunt Fannies, which was created by Mat Franken, a fellow parent just looking for a safe cleaner for his family.

Sounds familiar, right?

Since having kids I’ve grown more aware of all the ways we touch, breathe, and absorb products into our bodies. Food surfaces, toys, personal hygiene areas: I don’t want to shower them with toxins which then enter our bodies.

Until I was introduced to the Aunt Fannie’s product line, I didn’t realize we have two choices when it comes to natural cleaners: plant-based and food-based. Eco-friendly plant-based cleaners are commonplace now,  on the market for more than a decade.

Aunt Fannies was the first to wonder about whether food could also nourish our homes. Turns out, they were right! Good, quality food nourishes our bodies. We know that! Mat, the CEO of Aunt Fannie Inc developed a line of safe, natural food-based cleaning vinegars. Aunt Fannies Cleaning Vinegar is cleaning like our grandmas did, but with an improvement: the powerful clean of vinegar, without the stink! Just the fresh scent of herbs and fruits!

Find Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegars at Whole Foods, Amazon, and Thrive Market!

I encourage you to clean out your cleaning products, and be sure they are safe and non-toxic for your family. We could all use a little #HealthierHousekeeping, right!?

family cleaning team

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I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing we get kids on the family clean team with this sponsored post from Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar!

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Friday 6th of October 2017

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Monday 3rd of October 2016

oh yes spray bottles are the best cleaning tool for the little guys. hahaha. Love those hats/uniforms!