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Exciting New Travel Gear for Kids 2017

When traveling with kids, my advice is “Minimize and Maximize.” Bring the minimal amount possible, and maximize your travel gear so it’s doing double duty and making travel easier for your family. Each of these exciting new travel gear for kids items does just that! (plus a collection of favorite snacks at the end!).

Travel Gear For Kids

Exciting New Travel Gear for Kids – 2017

Traveler’s Choice 2-piece Luggage

Travel Gear For Kids

Of course, you’ll need to start by packing your kid’s luggage. Buying a 2-piece luggage set can be split between two children for a frugal choice (or parent and child. The flexible case design holds up to travel stress, and the expandable zippers make these cases roomy! As a mom who has flown with kids before, I appreciate the multi-directional spinner wheels, because it is hard to juggle kids and try to pull a suitcase that keeps tipping over because it has fixed wheels. Spinner wheels have been among the best inventions for travel, I think! And you can’t ignore the exciting multicolored paint splatter design. Kids will think it’s fun, and you will have no trouble spotting your luggage in baggage. Find this luggage set and more at for $174.99. After $45 in instant savings, the price will be $129.99.

TravelEyez Glasses and Sundries Cases

Travel Gear For Kids

Typically I lose my sunglasses before they break. TravelEyez cases not only protect glasses, but they also keep them handy. And kids have all manner of sundries to keep track of! Simply tuck their glasses (or earbuds, or other small items) into one of the velcro-closure, padded pouches (they come as a set of two cases), then zip the pouches together around a strap or handle. Now kids’ tiny gear is protected and they’ll always be able to find them. Attach multiple sets together for a larger storage caddy. Traveleyez come in two sizes, and a number of bright zipper colors! $24.95-$29.94

JBL Clip 2 Portable Speaker

Travel Gear For Kids

Take the music with you! In my youth, the only way you could take your music with you was by jacking up the car stereo, or hauling a suitcase sized boom box (and a stockpile of D batteries). Life is so much easier, but not necessarily louder, with smartphones.

No worries, just connect wirelessly to the JBL Clip 2 portable speaker to turn up the sound! These clip on speakers are about the size of your hand, and round for easy handling. The built-in carabineer clips to anything so kids don’t have to hold it. And whoops, if they drop it in the pool (or take it in on purpose), that’s okay, it’s waterproof! Rechargeable battery provides eight hours of sound. All these features make it the perfect accessory for your kids to listen to their audiobooks and music all day long no matter where you travel! Find the JBL Clip 2 Portable Speaker in five colors for $59.95 each! Magnetic Travel Games

Travel Gear For Kids

You’ll need something to keep your kids entertained. I’ve already written about my favorite road trip activities for toddlers and road trip ideas for preschoolers, but I’ve got older kids now. So I’m adding a new item to my kids’ play bags: magnetic travel games from SmartGamesUSA (remember these cool full-sized games?). The magnetic versions are handy little books that snap open into a playing board, with magnetic pieces that make playing in a car or plane easier. The Noah’s Ark (affiliate link) game has forty-eight challenges for how to load the ark, while keeping the animals in pairs. Penguins Parade grid style puzzle offers more challenges for kids to complete. (attached to the game book). Buy on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Travel Gear For Kids

Fun Snacks for your Family Travel

I love packing easy to eat, healthy snacks for my kids when we travel. Here’s some great choices:

travel gear for kids snacksPlum Organics Snacks – You might know Plum Organics for their baby food pouches (which are amazing and come in a rainbow of colors and flavors), but they offer so many snacks for tots and kids too. Jammy Sammys are bar-like squares of jam and peanut butter or oatmeal. Mashups are fruit and veggie pouches that are always a hit with my boys. Mighty snack bars keep kids energized but not overly full, with whole grains, fruits, and veggies mixed in!travel gear for kids snacks

Nature Nate’s Honey Packets – You know I love honey as a real food sweetener. Taking along these travel packets from Nature Nate’s means you can either have one for a burst of energy, or use them instead of refined sugars in your tea or coffee while you travel! The small package is easy to open and squeeze, and easy to throw in your carry on. It’s an all-natural sweet treat without a big mess.

What’s your favorite from this list of exciting new travel gear for kids!? What would you add? 

Thanks to the brands listed for providing items to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been used and purchases through these links may generate a small commission.