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Plan a Family Vacation Easily with Vrbo

The best part of having a teacher hubby is… summer vacations! Especially if you love active vacations like we do! This year, we’re planning several vacation trips with our family. A few of those are camping trips, but we are also going on a Maine adventure trip (non-camping!)! If you’re planning a trip this year, let me tell you how to plan a family vacation easily with Vrbo. 

Thank you, Vrbo, for sponsoring this conversation about how to plan a family vacation!

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What is Vrbo?

I’m so glad you asked. Vrbo (say it, VER-boh, thanks to families like ours who dubbed it so!) is a vacation rental site that helps you find the perfect spot for your stay.

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Plan a Family Vacation

I’ve been planning our Maine adventure vacation using Vrbo because it lets me see a variety of rental spots from hotels and B&Bs to family-owned home rentals. I personally prefer to stay in a home, because it allows our family to live like locals! Plus, a home rental is often quieter and more secluded.

Other benefits of a home rental? You can bring and make your own food. You can select a house size that fits your family (no more running up and down hotel hallways to separate rooms or trying to find a suite). And the best part is, home rentals usually offer a huge cost savings.

Read about the family vacation rental we used for our trip to Washington DC!

Find the perfect spot for your family

Have you always wanted to plan a multi-family trip? Or get together with friends and their families? Now Vrbo lets you collaborate on trip planning with their new Trip Boards feature. 

Vacation Planning Trip Board

Searching and saving homes to a Vrbo Trip Board is so easy. I just selected a general location and choose the Map view. Then I set certain features like trip dates, number of people, and pricing. You can create very customized searches by selecting filters based on type of housing, activities nearby, or amenities (like if you need wifi/internet access). 

Immediately I saw flags pop up with available rentals for me to check out.

Vacation Planning Trip Board Map

Plan a family vacation together

Everyone wants to be included in vacation planning decisions. But not everyone has time to hunt for properties. And sometimes it’s hard to wade through a gazillion text messages and emails flying back and forth with everyone’s opinions (and quippy but unrelated comments!). 

With Vrbo’s new Trip Boards feature, vacation planning becomes a breeze because it focuses the planning effort in once spot and gives everyone a voice in the planning process. 

Plan a Family Vacation

First I created a Maine Adventure Trip Board (you can call yours whatever you like!). Then, I did a quick preview of Maine properties in our budget range. I “hearted” the ones I’d like to check out in more detail, which prompts me to save them to a particular board. This is handy if you’re planning multiple trips. 

I found lots of favorite spots in Maine. The collaboration feature comes in so handy for narrowing down the choices. I invited hubby and a couple knowledgeable  friends to check out my Vrbo Trip Board and share their thoughts with a vote and comment.

I’d love your help! I’m sure I have travel-wise readers who know a good spot when they see one. Check out my Trip Board and vote for your favorite spot for our family to stay this year.

Plan a Family Vacation

Thank you, Vrbo, for sponsoring this conversation about how to plan a family vacation! All opinions are my own.