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The next best thing to barefoot – Soft Star Shoes Natural Footwear

Our family loves to go barefoot! In fact, foot specialists are now recommending barefoot as the best approach for children learning to walk.

But what about adults?! Is barefoot best, or is there another natural footwear alternative?

You might be surprised to learn that a gradual transition to barefoot or minimal footwear can help alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis and plantar fibroma! (Not medical advice, just something I read! Always consult a medical professional before changing your routines!). 

soft star shoes natural footwear

Now… sometimes it’s a bit impractical to go barefoot. Say, for instance, when the stores and restaurants have a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” sign on the door. Yeah, those times! LOL!

Last fall I introduced you to Soft Star Shoes natural footwear specialists, who employ “elves” to handcraft each pair out of genuine leather and sources most of their material in the USA! Their shoes, made with real sheepskin, are the next best thing to barefoot!

soft star shoes natural footwear

I got the chance to design my own shoe in the adult Flora Solstice Style! I played around with the color options for awhile – you can change the leather color front and back, and add a floral motif… or not! In the end, I actually liked the turquoise and yellow design Soft Star Shoes already has created, so I went with that! It is such a vibrant color for summer sandals!

The closed back and buckle strap on this sandal is great for me, since I like my foot to feel secure – but I love my toes being free!

Soft Star Shoes are not made with stiffeners or adhesives, so the shoe leather molds to your feet. And the Vibram soles offer a minimal and flexible alternative to bare feet!

soft star shoes natural footwear

soft star shoes natural footwear

Just like with the metallic Mary Jane shoes from Soft Star Shoes that I featured last fall, my new Flora Solstice sandals had NO “breaking in” period – which I think underscores that they ARE the next best thing to barefoot! I didn’t feel any of those typical “hotspots” or aches from wearing a brand new pair of shoes! The leather is supple and soft, so it gives to fit my own foot shape!

**Can I just say also, that the folks, er, elves, at Soft Star Shoes will advise you on shoe fit – I usually wear a 7.5 regular, but because these shoes run big, they advised me to get a size 6 wide. I was floored and super worried they’d be too short and too floppy. But no – the shoes fit me so perfectly! So if you have questions, definitely get in touch with someone at the company!

Oh here’s two other great aspects of Soft Star Shoes:

  • They are formaldehyde-free
  • You can design-your-own-shoes!

Visit Soft Star Shoes to see all their styles: moccasins, running shoes, children’s shoes, and even vegan shoes!

Do you go barefoot? Or do you need a little Soft Star for your feet!?

soft star shoes natural footwear

This post was brought to you by Soft Star Shoes and I receive a product in exchange. All opinions are my own.


Sunday 17th of May 2015

You and those shoes are so cute! They look super comfy.