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What is a Social Media Fast Like?

At this moment? I don’t know for sure, as I’m just at the start of looking into a social media fast. But I’m keeping the journal that goes along with the book, and I’ll record some relevant thoughts as I go through this journey. Hopefully by the end, you’ll get a bigger picture of what it’s all about, whether it’s helpful, and how to manage one for yourself.

40 Day Social Media Fast Book held near monstera plant

Do you need a break from social media?

If a social media fast is something you already clearly recognize you need to rest and recharge… come and join me on this journey! I haven’t officially “cut off” social media as of this writing, so you’re in good company if you’re nervous. I am too.

Of course, as a blogger who is online a lot, this will be challenging. I’m not going to suddenly “leave FB/Insta/etc” 100% bc I think all-or-nothing diets tend to fail. I plan to read a few chapters first, and get my head around how this will work for me. Wendy Speake, author of the 40 Day Social Media Fast, says to ‘personalize’ your fast. As a blogger who depends on social apps for income, I need to find a balance between avoiding distraction and also running a business.

Rather-like how we read ingredients on a food package and start making better choices-I’m striving to “read the ingredients” of the accounts I follow and engage with, notice when I’m overindulging, and replace social media time with more devotional time.

Since my #wordoftheyear for 2021 is WAYS—this will be the first “way” I explore to make sure my time online is God-honoring, soul-nourishing, and others-serving.

Who wants to join me in this journey to remove online distraction and put it in its rightful (lesser) place? Again-this isn’t an “I’m off Facebook” post but rather a “Social, I’m taking a long, hard look at you and cutting the fat.” I’ll keep you posted on my discoveries. ❤️📚

So grab the book! And let’s do this together!

40 Day Social Media Fast Book

Find the 40 Day Social Media Fast by Wendy Speake on Amazon.

You can also get the companion journal, and the 40 Day Sugar Fast book as well. Both excellent choices in my opinion!

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