Allergy Free Snack

Even homeschooling families aren't immune to allergy free lunch and snack situations. Since we participate in groups and co-ops, we often have peanut-free or nut-free groupings. I admit, as our family is a huge fan of the PBJ-scene, I had to find some alternatives for my boys (they are picky about other options!). But, really, it's not… Read More ->

Foreign Languages For kids by kids

I was a Spanish minor, so I always wanted my kids to learn Spanish. So when I had the chance to review Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids, a made by kids language learning program I couldn't wait to get started trying out Starter Set 1! DVD for Levels 1-3 Parent-Teacher Guides for levels 1-3 - These guides… Read More ->

Birthday Party Themes: Penguin Party Ideas

Penguin Party Ideas

Ever since we watched March of the Penguins last summer, my littlest one has been obsessed with penguins. I mean, everything has to be penguin themed! The kid goes crazy for them. So he's been talking about a penguin party for nearly a year! I have had a long time to think about these penguin… Read More ->

DIY Penguin T Shirt Craft

DIY Penguin T Shirt Craft

Each year for my boys' birthdays, I like to make them something to wear to the party! I've done iron-on, fabric paints, fabric markers, and other types of DIY T shirt crafts. I just love how this year's DIY Penguin T Shirt craft turned out for the boys! Supplies needed: Black t-shirt Steam-A-Seam Lite (2 sheets) white… Read More ->