Water Table Ideas for Preschool & More

Water Table Ideas

When kids need to cool off fast, I pull out our Little Tikes Fish 'n Splash Water Table and let them have at it! They are so excited to splash around in a circle of water at just the right height! I'm glad I don't have to fill a pool up - and they get… Read More ->

A Tale of Two Lion Loveys

tale of two lion loveys

"Mommy, this lovey has boo-boo!" my two year old said, concern edging his voice. The five-year old stopped bouncing on my bed long enough to snag his worn lion lovey back into his arms. I yawned and said, "No, honey, it's just been loved so much." But he couldn't let it go, "See, here, boo-boo!"… Read More ->

Simple Movie Night Hacks for Kids

movie night hacks for kids

If you're as old as me... you can remember the excitement too, perhaps... my dad would arrive home, just a little bit late from work on a Friday night... and every Friday we'd train our eagle eyes to look for... "the big black box!" If we saw it, we'd be bouncing off the walls excited… Read More ->

Sweet Goat Cheese Dip Recipe

sweet goat cheese dip recipe

I have two boys. Two always hungry boys. Unfortunately, their first choice of "food" is usually something along the lines of gummy bears, chocolate, or lollipops! I'm not against a sweet now and then, or even fruit... but I also know they need to more nutritious, protein-packed foods for their growing little bodies! When I saw Joan of… Read More ->