stick out your tongue boys poem

One aspect I have recently been introduced to with the raising of boys is... their penchant to be, well... GROSS!! Our oldest actually was not like this until the youngest came along and started talking. Now - he is the mischief maker of the house, and loves doing anything that gets a rise out of anybody. He's… Read More ->

A Catalog of Parenting {Day 23}

Parenting Is a Catalog of Gifts Write31days

Sometimes... people tell me they LOVE poetry but .... they could never (gasp!) WRITE IT! Well. Okay, so mabye we're not all going to be John Donne or T. S. Eliot or Billy Collins, or Shel Silverstein... but, I truly believe poetry is to be found everywhere you look. I read blogs that are moms… Read More ->

Finding Mentor Parents {Day 22}

memtor parents

When I taught writing, I always used a "mentor text" to show my students what I was going to teach them. Sometimes I wrote that text myself, but more often than not, I selected a passage or picture book that had done a far better job! Students learn by examples that model quality writing. Here's… Read More ->

The Noise of Boys {Day 21}

noise of boys parenting poetry

it's the crowing, the roo-roo-rooster-ing the rahr-rahr-rahr-ing rumbling from room to room it's the noise of boys heralds the day from waking to sleeping they shout and through and through the sonancy of play two boys bound, the one an echo of the other rebounding cries ring the house round their din, their din, every intonation… Read More ->