What I learned from 31 days

In his best-selling books, Malcolm Gladwell writes often about the 10,000 hours needed to achieve mastery in a field. He suggests talent is not the important factor: hours invested is what tips the scales. Now clearly, I have not invested ten thousand hours in writing this thirty-one day series (although it sometimes feels like I… Read More ->

Keep My Words {Day 30}

I'm tired. Bone tired. Now, usually I'm saying that about mothering and homemaking but... tonight, I'm saying it about WRITING! This has never happened to me before - I feel like I've been on a marathon crunch of writing this month, and it's felt good, and inspiring, and challenging, and... boy am I NOT feeling… Read More ->

You are a story {Day 29}

you are a story poem write31days

My boy... (the both of you!) you are a story brilliantly told... I cannot judge by the cover: it's still in the hands of the Artist to complete-- all I know is the title is a good one! You! Every day I turn a page to find out what character you're in today. Yours is… Read More ->

Quick and Easy Fall Decor Ideas

Creekside Farms fresh wreaths

I honestly don't have time these days for a lot of knick-knack decor each holiday that I have to put up, take down, dust, and store. But I do like to rotate a few key decorations for each season. I prefer easy fall decor ideas - practical and useful items that can stay up for… Read More ->