Happy Birthday, Two Years Old!

two years old feature

Dear Two-Year-Old (Second Son!), Hi there, it's your mama. Yes, the one you scream to see leave the house for a bit of shopping, and shriek with delight when I come home. The one you hug fiercely a thousand times a day (and have even learned to avoid squeezing my neck!). The one who loves… Read More ->

Natural and Organic Picnic Foods!

natural and organic picnic foods

I love picnics... mostly the idea of them. And the food! We do get out on a true bring-your-basket-picnic several times a year. I'm always looking for interesting foods to try during our outdoor lunches and this summer, Whole Foods sent me a veritable "picnic basket" of goodies to test out! I have found so many of… Read More ->

Wordless Wednesday: My Water Babies

Boys Celebrating 4th of July at Old Saybrook


DIY Frozen Pops for Summer

DIY Frozen Pops

Our long winter gave us very few cool spring days... we've rocketed right into upper 70's and 80's weather. Phew! Sweat much? With higher temps all summer, a big concern of mine is for my kids to stay well hydrated. The funny thing, my boys really don't like to drink much - anybody else have… Read More ->