Create a Coat of Arms Activity {Free Printable!}

Create a Coat of Arms Free Printable

Ever since my three year old begged me for a Knight In Shining Armor Birthday Party this past summer, both my boys have been obsessed with playing knights, fighting dragons, and building castles. Knights of old certainly are exciting to read about and make believe. There's also so many ways to include knights in our… Read More ->

Homeschool Tools for Preschool

So this is the year everyone has been asking me... "So your five-year old... is he going to kindergarten this year?" Yes, it's finally happened. I have a kindergartener! He will, indeed, be going to kindergarten this year... at home! I had hoped to have this post about homeschool tools for preschool and Kindergarten up before… Read More ->

Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bowl Recipe

I admit, scooping pineapple onto my cottage cheese has always been my go-to topping for this protein-packed superfood. But it's time I got way more creative, don't you think!!? Like... a Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bowl!! I just love the blend of sweet potatoes and apples - it speaks "Fall" to me in somewhat the same… Read More ->

Organize Health Goals with FREE apps

organize health goals

Whether you're trying to remember to take your vitamins every day (raises hand!), stick to a workout routine, or check in with your doctor more regularly... we all could use a little help to organize health goals! Just the other day, I waltzed into my doctor's office- after a leisurely coffee with my mom at… Read More ->