A Tale of Two Lion Loveys

tale of two lion loveys

"Mommy, this lovey has boo-boo!" my two year old said, concern edging his voice. The five-year old stopped bouncing on my bed long enough to snag his worn lion lovey back into his arms. I yawned and said, "No, honey, it's just been loved so much." But he couldn't let it go, "See, here, boo-boo!"… Read More ->

Simple Movie Night Hacks for Kids

movie night hacks for kids

If you're as old as me... you can remember the excitement too, perhaps... my dad would arrive home, just a little bit late from work on a Friday night... and every Friday we'd train our eagle eyes to look for... "the big black box!" If we saw it, we'd be bouncing off the walls excited… Read More ->

Sweet Goat Cheese Dip Recipe

sweet goat cheese dip recipe

I have two boys. Two always hungry boys. Unfortunately, their first choice of "food" is usually something along the lines of gummy bears, chocolate, or lollipops! I'm not against a sweet now and then, or even fruit... but I also know they need to more nutritious, protein-packed foods for their growing little bodies! When I saw Joan of… Read More ->

outdoor activity ideas for preschoolers

The boys rush down the stairs each morning, and nearly want to skip breakfast... all so they can get outdoors as soon as possible! It's hilarious to me how the shift in weather has completely shifted their play expectations! And I for one couldn't be happier! And it's not like my kids really NEED outdoor activity… Read More ->