life creative book review

I'll admit I had no idea how motherhood would shape and reshape my life. God had special plans on that one, plans yet unfolding as I follow His leading. It's been a journey of purpose in raising children and the repurposing of God-given talents and yearnings. I didn't realize how much I had neglected (yet… Read More ->

Harvest Cranberry Classroom

I'm partnering with Ocean Spray® for its NYC Cranberry Classroom. I love showing our boys (and learning myself!) where our food comes from. We garden, we visit farms and farmers' markets, and try to get them to experience as much as possible of the farm-to-table life. Last week, I took the boys into New York… Read More ->

A Honey Gift Guide

honey gift guide

I've been obsessed with honey these days! And rightly so as September is National Honey Month, and honey is such a wonderful raw food to celebrate! To wrap up this series, I'm sharing some more great products made with honey. This honey gift guide might help you pick out a unique gift for a friend, or… Read More ->

A Sweet Day Trip to Red Bee Honey {Weston, CT}

Day Trip Red Bee Honey

Previously I shared with you the wonderful honey tasting activity with kids experience we had at home last week. As I mentioned, I got the idea (and tasting kit!) from Marina our our day trip to Red Bee Honey in Weston, Connecticut when we took a tour this past July. You might just drive right… Read More ->