Keep My Words {Day 30}

I'm tired. Bone tired. Now, usually I'm saying that about mothering and homemaking but... tonight, I'm saying it about WRITING! This has never happened to me before - I feel like I've been on a marathon crunch of writing this month, and it's felt good, and inspiring, and challenging, and... boy am I NOT feeling… Read More ->

You are a story {Day 29}

you are a story poem write31days

My boy... (the both of you!) you are a story brilliantly told... I cannot judge by the cover: it's still in the hands of the Artist to complete-- all I know is the title is a good one! You! Every day I turn a page to find out what character you're in today. Yours is… Read More ->

Quick and Easy Fall Decor Ideas

Creekside Farms fresh wreaths

I honestly don't have time these days for a lot of knick-knack decor each holiday that I have to put up, take down, dust, and store. But I do like to rotate a few key decorations for each season. I prefer easy fall decor ideas - practical and useful items that can stay up for… Read More ->

Conversations with Community Helpers

Community Helpers

Children begin identifying with career choices quite early, I’m discovering. Daily, our two year old goes to the playroom and asks for his ‘Struction Worker costume. He’ll happily wear it for hours. What will they become when they grow up? I often wonder. It’s worth developing their understanding about various occupations early on, I think… Read More ->