Reading Environmental Print with Road Signs

Reading Environmental Print

Your toddler asks if you’re going to “The Red Store.” He knows when you’ve just passed “Hamburger House” because of those ever-present yellow M’s! She tells you to stop when the stop sign is yards away. Guess what? Your child is reading! Yes, reading! Of course, it’s not the type of reading we often think… Read More ->

The most overlooked learning method for children

KidQ App

Talk. There. I didn't want to make you wait till the end of the post to find out what I think is the most overlooked learning method for kids. It's talk. I know. Talk doesn't come in a pretty box of curriculum. It doesn't require a rubric or have a standardized test (yet. that I know… Read More ->

Organizing your car for back-to-school

Back to School Car Supplies

Seems like when the school year starts, we spent more time in the car. Even though we're doing home preschool with our boys, September's arrival means we start going to our local MOPS group and taking the boys to various homeschool activities and classes. Last year it seemed like every time we got in the… Read More ->

A Bookmaking Project for the Littlest Authors


Before a child learns to write or read, they are read to. Children with favorite books likely recognize favorite characters and series at a glance. This recognition, or “reading,” of text characteristics is the very seed of literacy! What better way to foster little authors than to allow them the privilege of becoming authors themselves… Read More ->