Picture Books for Space Day!

picture books about space

The first Friday in May is National Space Day! So whether you have a budding astronaut or star gazer, there's so many ways to celebrate space exploration! I have always loved stars as a motif for decorating, and the idea that man can go into outer space has always fascinated me - God's world extends so… Read More ->

When to switch car seats for older kids

switch car seats for older kids

At my son's last checkup, he finally hit the 40+ pound mark! He tends to be slender and lightweight, so this was a big deal for him! My first thought was, "Better check the car seat!" Since he's five, it had been quite a while since I'd had to switch car seats or car seat… Read More ->

closet organization

I did. Three years ago, I joined a local woman in her year-long One Dress Protest. I only joined up for 30 days. I was so nervous, I didn't even take any photos of my closet, my dress, or the daily wearing (I was a new blogger! What did I know!?). Lately I've been reading about… Read More ->

Beginner’s Tips for Better Photos of Kids

tips for better photos of your kids

I took the plunge and got myself a DSLR camera just before our second son was born. After seeing the really crummy photos of our first birth, I wanted something better! A DSLR camera (I have this one, but there are newer versions) will dramatically improve your photos of kids simply because it can give… Read More ->