Why My Kids Eat Salad (and yours will too!)

get kids to eat healthy foods

Sometimes I think I should write a blog post titled "Everything I Know about Parenting I Learned as a Teacher" ... it wouldn't be exactly-totally-100% true, because I also got lots of on-the-job training as a mom, but I find myself referring to my teacher training more as my boys get older. When I was… Read More ->

Easy DIY Butterfly Easter Treat Bags

DIY Butterfly Easter Treat Bags

Just a quick little treat for you all before the weekend! I was playing around with our leftover Surf Sweets naturally sweetened candies from my son's Shark Birthday Party (be sure to check out the shark birthday cake we made with the Surf Sweets Gummi Rings and other treats!). Anyway... we had a lot of… Read More ->

quick kids snack mix recipe

I've been taking the boys to a weekly homeschool class since September. Our Classical Conversations group meets each Thursday, and recently, I became a substitute tutor, so some mornings, I have to be there at 8 a.m. Now, I realize that for many moms, this is really not a big deal, but as I have my first… Read More ->

Sausage and Pepper Rice Bowl Stir Recipe

I may have mentioned my Italian heritage a few times before? Well, sausage and peppers is one quintessential Italian dish my husband happens to love (even though he is not Italian). I decided to play around with this classic on a new canvas: Rice! That's right - I created an Italian Sausage and Pepper RIce… Read More ->