Fig Bar Mini Cheesecake Recipe

Fig Bar Cheesecake Recipe

I love modifying recipes. Taking something traditional and trying a new spin on it. Like my Ravioli Lasagna Hack! This week, I tempted fate (and my tastebuds) with a new take on... Cheesecake! Now, I bet I'm going to offend some die-hard cheesecake lovers here, but... then just make cheesecake your plain old way. I… Read More ->

Ideas for Upcycled DIY Christmas Cards

DIY upcycled christmas card tips

Years past, I handmade all my Christmas cards (over 50!) with cardstock and scrapbooking materials. After kids? Ha! I usually send photo cards to friends and family these days. But sometimes I find myself needing a Christmas card without our family on it - for greetings to people like the mailman, newspaper delivery and more. Sometimes you… Read More ->

7 great gift ideas for kids (they’re not toys!)

non toy gift ideas for kids

Does it seem like birthdays and Valentine's Day and Easter all come hard on the heels of Christmas? And you're saying: But we JUST finished figuring out what toys to get rid of to make room for the new toys he got for Christmas! It's hard when you have Christmas and a birthday so close… Read More ->

Crayola Virtual Deisgn Pro

My boys both love to color. And they both love cars. So I was excited to hear about a new toy from Crayola that blends coloring and cars... and a little technology! This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for sharing this message. All opinions are my own.  Crayola's Virtual Design Pro Car… Read More ->