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Phases of motherhood

September has been an emotional month - saying goodbye to summer, starting preschool with my oldest (for real, you guys, he's gonna be five!) , turning not-quite-forty-yet, and contemplating whether our family is complete. The emotional plate is full, no seconds, please, thank you very much! The arrival of fall means I'm back to full-time mom, since hubby… Read More ->

Cuban Pork Sandwich Recipe

The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were piling up like a bad snowstorm, crumbs collecting in drifts on the counter, while sliced cucumbers slid down from their slippery green piles. I have found myself at the "making bag lunches" phase of motherhood. Yes, because homeschooling means you actually. don't. stay. home. Since I've signed the boys up… Read More ->

new FuzziBunz One-size cloth Diaper

After nearly five years of cloth diapering (really? yes, nearly!!)... I found myself reflecting whether the cloth diaper industry can surprise us anymore. Other than with awesome new fashion prints! I thought I'd seen the last of the innovations, truly, I did. And then? FuzziBunz contacted me asking if I'd share the NEW FuzziBunz One-Size… Read More ->

Protect against Data Breach

Being a blogger means half my work (when not photographing and using products) involves the computer. So even though my computer was sloooooooooo....wwwwwweeeeeerrrrr than molasses this summer, I couldn't bring myself to unplug and bring it into the shop. I finally managed to break away when I knew we'd be camping for five days. I… Read More ->