Spicy Lentil Wrap Recipe

Spicy Lentil Spinach Wrap recipe

Wow, you guys!!!! Thank you so much for your positive feedback and sharing of my post last week on how to feed your family for under $125 at Whole Foods. The response from you has been amazing and I appreciate hearing all the comments, tips and your ideas for saving more money on natural and… Read More ->

DIY Essential Oil foaming handsoap recipe

DIY Essential Oil Foaming Handsoap

I went away to a blog conference this past weekend and brought back tons of ideas, thoughts, plans, dreams and... a sore throat. I should've brought more of my essential oils with me, but I was nervous about flying with them (many people do without issue, but... I didn't want to chance it!). So... now… Read More ->

Wordless Wednesday: Bloggy Con 2014 @ Cedar Point

Bloggy Con 2014 at Cedar Point

Can I really NOT say words about my amazing experience at Bloggy Con 2014? I guess I'm not supposed to. I learned a lot, have so many thoughts to ponder about the direction to take my writing and blogging... and hope to return next year. Sorry for the few photos of actual people - there… Read More ->

Reading Environmental Print with Road Signs

Reading Environmental Print

Your toddler asks if you’re going to “The Red Store.” He knows when you’ve just passed “Hamburger House” because of those ever-present yellow M’s! She tells you to stop when the stop sign is yards away. Guess what? Your child is reading! Yes, reading! Of course, it’s not the type of reading we often think… Read More ->