What every kid wants on a playdate

what kids want on a playdate

It's  not complicated. I think life on pinterest and Facebook and instagram makes us think it has to be, but it's not. It's easy to get caught up in over planning and wanting our kids to have the BEST. TIME. EVER! Honestly, sometimes... a lot of times,  I put off hosting that playdate because I… Read More ->

How to teach kids to pack their lunch

teach kids to pack their lunch

Awhile ago I wrote about 5 ways to encourage toddler independence. Welp, he's NOT a toddler anymore! WAAAHHHH! No, he's a full-fledged kindergarten student this year in our homeschool! Just because we go to school at home, doesn't mean I get out of bagged lunches (darn it!). No, field trips, library days, and weekly Classical Conversations… Read More ->

Why we choose Life Sports for kids

choose a life sport

Umm.... what are Life Sports, Julie? I wondered the same thing until last week, when I realized I already knew! (you probably do too!). I was standing around talking with some fellow homeschool moms last week, and the talk turned to sports for our kids. And one mom mentioned that they choose "Life Sports" for… Read More ->

How to save money for a family vacation!

how to save for a family vacation

Just a quick Google search (not fancy research I know!), reveals startling facts about the average family's saving habits. "Almost half of Americans aren't saving enough...," "Nearly 1 in 5 aren't saving at all...," "60 percent of Americans can't cover unexpected expenses..." Sobering. If that's true... if most families are living paycheck to paycheck, unable… Read More ->