Chocolate Playdough Cookie Shop Play Idea

chocolate playdough

This month, for a Valentine's treat without the sugar, we enjoyed a chocolate playdough cookie shop play idea! The boys had so much fun, and nobody had to tell them "that's enough candy and cookies!" I absolutely have loved the ideas for sensory playdough in our preschool curriculum, A Year of Playing Skillfully! This month, the recipe… Read More ->

Loving our boys the way they long to be loved

loving our boys

Yesterday we had a hearts-and-crafty day, digging around the Valentine's sensory bin, making chocolate candies and cookies out of chocolate scented playdough. A friend of mine commented about all our lovey crafts  and joked about how they were going to be well-prepared to be perfect Valentine's when they were older. Certainly, my hope is for… Read More ->

Caprese Chicken Recipe

Ah, February. Heart Month! Not just for lovers!! February is also heart health month! Now, we should be concerned with our heart health every month... and while I think the majority of the recipes on my blog are healthy and good for your heart, here's one especially for Heart Health Month: Caprese Chicken Recipe - perfect… Read More ->

Homeschooling When You Are Sick

homeschooling when you are sick

When I was a classroom teacher, I always had a binder handy with three days of sub plans on the ready. That got me to thinking: how do you do homeschooling when you are sick as a parent? You can't exactly call out sick, now, right? We're doing kindergarten and preschool right now. But I… Read More ->