I did. Three years ago, I joined a local woman in her year-long One Dress Protest. I only joined up for 30 days. I was so nervous, I didn't even take any photos of my closet, my dress, or the daily wearing (I was a new blogger! What did I know!?). Lately I've been reading about… Read More ->

Beginner’s Tips for Better Photos of Kids

tips for better photos of your kids

I took the plunge and got myself a DSLR camera just before our second son was born. After seeing the really crummy photos of our first birth, I wanted something better! A DSLR camera (I have this one, but there are newer versions) will dramatically improve your photos of kids simply because it can give… Read More ->

apple almond butter smoothie recipe

Do you know what bees do? I asked my boys at lunch one day. Turns out, they had a lot of questions for me. Because other than "go buzz" and "make honey" my kids didn't really know a lot about the real job of bees. What questions do you have about bees? I asked them. Turns… Read More ->

fitting kids shoes correctly

Sometimes I don't know what to think! My toddler is wearing size 8 rain boots, but size 8.5 sneakers. Yet when I tried to put size 8 cowboy boots on him - no dice. Hmmm. I guess I needed to check his shoe size. How in the world do you go about fitting kids' shoes… Read More ->