Motherhood is not a consolation prize

Some women are born mothers.  Some women achieve motherhood.  Some women have motherhood thrust upon them.  Just a riff on a well-known adage about greatness. Because I sense among the sisters of motherhood an unrest about our role as moms. A fearful tickle in our minds that maybe we got the short end of the stick when… Read More ->

Here's another delicious summer salad I whipped up the other night for the family! I love having to think on the fly when all the produce in the garden (And CSA) comes in at once! Can't let it go to waste! So. Having lots of beans, and some red potatoes (store-bought) that were getting too… Read More ->


We had such a rainy day here yesterday... it prompted me to go back through my site and revisit some of our old rainy day activities. I have a big list of them to share! Sensory bins and Tinker Boxes are lifesavers on a rainy day! Just let kids explore some "new-to-them" bits and pieces… Read More ->

Our diet changes with warmer weather. Less soups and more salads. We eat a bit lighter... For instance, one night we just enjoyed this cool and delicious Tuna & Chickpea Salad with some of the organic dry goods products sent to us courtesy of Shiloh Farms. I've always wanted to make beans "from scratch" instead of… Read More ->