Now you’re three {my littlest one}

now you are three

You turned three, but you still think you're two. (And I still wish you were, too!). Probably you're stuck on "two" because you'd JUST mastered the art of holding down your ring and pinkie finger to show just "two" fingers! Now we'll work on the much harder "three." Because... now you are three, my littlest… Read More ->

perfect homeschool parent

Whenever people-who-don’t-homeschool find out I am homeschooling our boys, I usually get one of two responses (and sometimes both): They nod knowingly, and say, “Well, you and your husband are both teachers…” OR They look panicked and say, “I could never do homeschool! I was terrible at school!” For a long time I have been… Read More ->

knight in shining armor birthday party ideas

I can't pinpoint the exact time it started, but many months ago, as I was teasing out my youngest son's thoughts on his third birthday party, he blurted out: "I want a knight in shining armor fighting the dragon party!" So specific, this one! I attribute it to a) our homeschool reading of Sir George… Read More ->

10 Facts To Know About Cord Blood Banking

facts about cord blood banking

If you're getting ready to have a baby, or even trying to conceive, there's so much information that is going to come at you in the next months and years! You'll have to make a lot of important, one-time decisions as you progress through pregnancy and delivery. Naming the baby is the easy part! Decisions about… Read More ->