A Poem is a Boy {#Write31Days Day 2}

A poem is a boy

A poem is a boy knob-kneed and elbowed rolling downhill all aslant the green of grass in his hair and in his years   A poem is a boy who draws a car driving along the deck of Noah's Ark and notices the moon is a smile and every stick is a sword every rock a… Read More ->

The Poetry of Parenting Boys – Day 1

Poetry of Parenting Boys Write 31 Days Series

The what? Okay readers. Here's the deal. When I rebranded I purposed to write more personal posts about our family and motherhood. And then it was summer, and then summer ended and then I was homeschooling. And there was always an excuse... yes, I've written a few personal pieces along the way, but I really… Read More ->

Answers to Common Questions about Solar Power

questions about going solar

Okay. It IS true that if I'm home by myself, I enlist all-the-lights-in-the-house as my bodyguard. Hubby gently mocks me for this but... it does make me feel safer. Otherwise, we are a "turn the lights off when you leave the room" type of family. Despite our efforts, our electricity bill has risen steadily. It's distressing… Read More ->

Because I have grativational pull

Phases of motherhood

September has been an emotional month - saying goodbye to summer, starting preschool with my oldest (for real, you guys, he's gonna be five!) , turning not-quite-forty-yet, and contemplating whether our family is complete. The emotional plate is full, no seconds, please, thank you very much! The arrival of fall means I'm back to full-time mom, since hubby… Read More ->