fringe hours book review

The Fringe Hours book review is brought to you by Family Christian. All opinions are my own. My mother used to take us swimming at the local pond in the summer. For hours we'd play in the murky waters, while my mom sat on a grassy patch under a tree. And did cross stitch. Read a… Read More ->

letter to my son

Written the morning of my son's fifth birthday. Last night - the last night you were four, and I didn't fall asleep till after midnight because for some reason I didn't want four-years-old to end - you asked me a question. How I love your questions! How big is a five year old? you asked… Read More ->

Learning Art from Great Artists

learning art from Great Artists 650x340

One of my favorite segments of the Classical Conversations (CC) community we joined this past fall is the half hour of art. I am not personally gifted with much artistic ability. Most of my skills are in textile arts like sewing and rubber stamping, and even then, I don't have the same artistic vision of… Read More ->

The Letter I Meant to Write

motherhood letters

I meant to write this letter. When you turned one. And again when you turned two. three. four. This weekend you'll be turning five. And although I've done a lot of writing over the past five years, and much of it involves you.... I still never wrote TO you (except birthday cards, and little notes)… Read More ->