Last summer I reflected on the bad things about camping... a little tongue in cheek. This year's camping experiences have been much better. I like to think that's a result of my super-mom¬†ability to learn from my mistakes! However, given the amount of food we had to throw out because I overpacked, I'm guessing it… Read More ->

Keep Kids outdoors

Knock-knock-knock-KNOCK! ... Ding-dong ... DING-dong ... ding-dong-ding-dong-ding-ding-DING! .... MOOoooooommmy! I wanna come inside!! Do you hear that theme song played on repeat all summer? I do (and don't worry, it's not that I've left my child outdoors alone; Daddy is around the corner gardening but for some reason MOMMY needs to open the door!). Well… Read More ->

birthday gift ideas

When you attend kids' birthday parties (or send your kids along to one) do you struggle to come up with a great gift idea? You know, one the child will love, the parents will thank you for, and that your own kid can hold their head up high to give? It's no small challenge to… Read More ->

DIY Puppy Dog Birthday Party

Puppy Dog Birthday Party

Birthday parties? Yeah, we got them! Two a year, and so far I've thrown six themed birthday parties for my kids. I end up loving each one more than the last. It's so exciting to research ideas, and create DIY projects to go along with each boy's special day! He's loved puppies since just after… Read More ->