statements that build a child's confidence

Thank you LEGO® Juniors for sponsoring this post. Looking for creative play ideas that will both challenge and inspire your 4-7 year old? Please visit "Mom! Come see!" my four year old begged me, pulling me into the playroom where his latest creation teetered precariously. His evident pride made me smile. "Great job!" formed on… Read More ->

The Legend of the Tooth Pirate: An Original Tale

legend of the tooth pirate

When my son was about to lose his first tooth, I had to make a decision. Tooth fairy or no tooth fairy? I wanted to make this important milestone fun and exciting for my boys. But the Tooth Fairy and all her glitter just wasn't appealing to me, and my boys seemed to find it silly… Read More ->

fire safety game

October 9–16 is Fire Prevention Week! It's tricky to teach kids about fire safety without scaring them. My boys love fireman and the fire station, but... they have no idea the dangers of a real fire. And... I realized this week I actually have not done a very good job of teaching them fire safety… Read More ->

How to talk to kids about technology

how to talk to kids about technology

I'm all about low-tech for kids, focusing on natural, hands-on play over screen time. However, I'm not naive about the technology-driven world my children are growing up into. As they mature, technology will play a larger role in their day to day lives.  This is a sponsored post.  I've already been thinking about how and… Read More ->