On This Wise – Christmas Poem 2016

christmas poem

I have written a Christmas poem for my Christmas cards since at least 2004 if my calculations are correct! It's always fun to see what strikes me each year. It'll be a snatch of a Christmas song, or phrase from a Bible verse, or a motif like stars, motherhood, or gifts. This year, it struck… Read More ->

create a cozy corner

Sponsored post. Sometimes I feel like I'm just tripping over my two little boys around the house. How is it that kids seem to gravitate to a doorway,  stairway, or other high traffic area to plop down and play!? So I recently have been creating activity corners, nooks, and stations where they can play. Here's… Read More ->

Ideas for Experience Gifts under $50!

ideas for experience gifts

Experience Gifts: Great for the last-minute shopper, the person who has everything, and the minimalist all at the same time. Give experience gifts they'll remember forever! And skip the stores and the stuff altogether! This year for Christmas, hubby and I were coming up empty for ideas for our Christmas wish lists. Oh, there were a few… Read More ->

My top engaging toy gift ideas for 2016

engaging toy gift ideas

Sponsored post. We test and play with a lot of toys during the year for the blog and other work I do with various toy brands. Here are my top engaging toy gift ideas from our 2016 playtime. Many are toys that have been around and I think will continue to stick around for some… Read More ->