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How To Be a Hero for Kids (+ FREE Printable List!)

One thing I’ve learned as a parent is: kids love heroes. From the moment they latch onto a favorite book series or comic superhero, kids are obsessed. But what makes a hero? And how can YOU be one to your kids? Thinking about what brings that spark of admiration to my own boys’ eyes, I may have landed on the #1 way (I think!) to be a hero to kids.

be a hero to your kids

The #1 Way to Be a Hero to Kids

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Some think being a hero as a parent means lavishing children with attention. Or giving them everything they want. Or ensuring they never endure a hardship. Certainly, we want these things for our children. Yet overdoing these things can create a sense of entitlement in children.

be a hero for kids

I think kids grasp from an early age being a hero is not self-centered. Any children’s story. Any fairy tale. Any superhero legend has common themes of self-sacrifice and rescuing the less fortunate. Heroes give to help others in need. Not to heap more bounty on those who have much (this is why we love Robin Hood!).

Children love seeing their hero give up what they want most to help someone. They get it! They understand (innately!) the most heroic action is one of self-lessness. I truly think they want to be heroes, and they want to view their parents as heroes too!

So, I think, the #1 way to be a hero to your kids is this:

Let them see you giving to others.

Could it be this simple? I think so. Be a hero to your own kids, by being a hero to others.

You kids know you love them. They know you’d move heaven and earth for them. But what really makes their eyes shine is when they see their parents as heroes too!

Easy Ways to Be a Hero to Kids

How can you show this heroic quality for your kids to see (and be inspired by!). Here’s a few easy ways, plus a fun graphic you can click to print and post in your house! 

Offer to help. Help people carry or move things. It’s a classic hero move.

Offer your time. Help with a project or house move.

Drop off meals for a friend. Get your kids involved!

Keep your word. Your kids need to see that sometimes keeping promises means extra effort. Do it!

Listen without judgment. Some people just need to get a burden off their mind. Just sit with people; there’s no need to talk sometimes!

Pay for someone in line behind you. Any pay-it-forward action is heroic!

Be honest. Possibly the hardest one to do. But let your kids see you being honest – with kindness. 

Smile warmly. Put a little effort into it! Even on the hard days. Trust me – you’ll be the one feeling better!

Show appreciation. Don’t compare, don’t critique, and don’t one-up!

Stop and help someone. Of course, use caution. I experienced breaking down and watching hundreds of cars pass by when I could’ve used a hand. A couple of guys finally stopped to push my car off the main street. I was grateful and my children were impressed! I told them always remember that moment, and be the guys that help others.

Share helpful information (not advice!). We are all curators of specialized information! You may have valuable information someone else needs. I love sharing how to make something easier, or where to get the best deals. Or if I know another great resource, I refer a person along.

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Share this information – be a hero!

Sharing helpful info is easy, and it’s free, and it may be just the lifesaving information a family needs right now.

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Grants are available for children 16 and younger, whose parents are US residents, have commercial health insurance already (and it’s not limited to UHC members!), and meet economic guidelines.

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Be a hero by sharing & participating!

child medical grant

You can be a hero just by sharing this post and the UHCCF link for families to apply for a grant.

Or, you can be a hero by helping to raise donations to continue this wonderful child medical grant program.

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be a hero to your kids

Go ahead. Be a hero!

Heroes wanted! All it takes is a few heroes to share this message with their circle. Spread the news that this grant is available, and you could change a child’s life! You’ll be a hero to them, and to your kids too when they see you reaching out to help others in need.

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