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Shop H2O At Home – Virtual Party!

So… you heard how I got SHARPIE marker off my couch, right? Wait – here’s how the Sharpie marker got ON the couch. And here’s how I got Sharpie marker OFF the couch! (A must-read). And now, make your household stains “poof” – disappear just like I did!

Welcome to my H2O At Home Virtual Party. No need for babysitters, driving, or scheduling in a party on a specific day – just hop over to my virtual party to shop for these amazing products! Here, let me tell you a little more about H2O At Home (did you read the posts linked above???).

First, H2O At Home offers 3 product lines (Organic Skin Care, Natural Home Fragrance & Natural Cleaning). Here’s what H2O At Home has to say about their committment to keeping cleaning “clean and green”

Our products abide by a wide array of labels and certifications that demand the highest ecological and quality standards. In addition to adhering to these labels, we also are committed to reducing waste by creating products that can be recycled and have minimal packaging. Our products are also cruelty-free. Read more…

H2O At Home products are:

  1. Efficient: The H2O method reduces your cleaning time by 40%
  2. Eco-Friendly: you use 90% fewer chemicals
  3. Easy-to-Use: we want using our products to not be a “chore”

Here’s my favorite items:

  • The Laundry Ball: Reducing consumption of laundry soap by 75%. I am intruiged to try this ceramic bead laundry ball that uses ceramic technology to alter the Ph balance of your water to clean!
  • The Variety Kit: Never use Windex again! Microfibers clean everything, instead of just moving it around. They love grease & water! Includes 3 Chiffonettes – Multi-surface, glass, and heavy-duty!
  • The All-in-One Kit:Replaces 90% of the cleansers under your sink. Used it on your glass shower doors & teakettle & range. It’s food safe & biodegradable! Includes the All-Natural Clay cleaner, Heavy Duty Chiffonette, and Yellow Sponge. With the All-in-One Kit, you eliminate the need for: Soft Scrub, Tilex, Comet, Silver Polish (that’s right!). The clay cleans: Marble, tile, granite Sterling silver, tire rims, glass shower doors, stainless steel (sinks, shower rods, etc.), countertops, grout, fiberglass, Formica, porcelain, PVC outdoor furniture… It’s more like what DOESN’T it clean?!
  • The Foundation Kit (this is what I got!) is the best way to get a feel for H2O products. You get the Variety Kit, All-in-One Kit, Netepur Soap, and Laundry Net

I saw these products WORK with my own two eyes in my home!! Seriously. The clay cleaner is amazing – took the limescale off my shower door in seconds. And the Netepur, well, how many times can I emphasize it removed Sharpie marker from fabric!!!??

Any of the kits above make great Christmas gifts (family, coworkers)!! Get a head start on that shopping list!

Most importantly, H2O At Home makes cleaning chores easier, and reduces chemicals usage. And because you’re not out buying cleaners, you’ll be saving money and being healthier!

Want to get shopping? Click here! The Virtual Show will be open until Monday, October 17th at midnight! Shipping for each order is $9.95, but if you’re local and want ship to me to distribute, shipping drops to $6.95. If nothing else, you NEED to get the Netepur Stain Remover Bar – it’s going to be a lifesaver, especially if you have children! Who like to draw on couches.

And, if you’re looking for a great work-from-home option, consider buying the Discovery Kit and getting started as an H2O At Home consultant. Marissa has great fun traveling around meeting people, educating them about these products, and making money for her family. Since H2O At Home is so new to the US, there is still wide-open markets in most states for reps!

DISCLOSURE: I was not given any products in exchange for this post. However, if orders are placed via the links in this post, I may earn hostess rewards.

Crunchy Beach Mama

Friday 14th of October 2011

They used to have these really cool dishwasher soap thingys. But they said they only worked in European dishwashers. Is this still true?

Crunchy Beach Mama

Friday 14th of October 2011

They used to have these really cool dishwasher soap thingys. But they said they only worked in European dishwashers. Is this still true?