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Winter Games Flashcard Template

Throughout the year, there’s always special holidays or educational events I want my kids to learn about. Like the upcoming Winter Olympic Games! Here’s a Winter Games Flashcard Activity that we used to learn a little more about some of the winter sports included in the 2022 Winter Games. 

Winter Games Flashcard Activity

Although I love celebrating holidays with special homeschool activities, I can’t make everything a unit study! But will will often pause our regular work for a special activity, themed poetry tea time, or field trip. 

For the Winter Games, we used the amazing chalk pastel video art lessons from Nana over at You ARE an Artist. She’s covered a half dozen of the winter sports, plus several Olympic themed lessons. And if you’re a Clubhouse member, you can get access to the I Drew It Then I Knew It Companion Workbook, which we used to get quick facts on the winter sports. 

Usually my boys have a blast making a series of paintings for our unit studies, and we hang them up on our wall. But I wanted them to do something different this time to reflect more of what they are learning. 

I thought flashcards would be perfect! Since my boys don’t know a lot about winter sports, this was the perfect time to have them simply define each of the sports, so they understand what is going on when they see them. 

I created a very simple flashcard template. The sport’s name is at the top. Then a blank picture box where my boys painted with chalk pastels to represent each of the winter sports. Then a small lined text box underneath. 

After they painted, they read some facts about each sport, and created a 1-2 sentence summary of what they understood about each sport. 

Now they have a set of Winter Games Flashcards. We can cut them up and play matching or they can quiz each other on each sport. Or, they can simply use them as study tools and enjoy their writing and drawing. 

I highly recommend laminating so the chalk doesn’t get smudged. And, cardstock might have been a better choice than the computer paper we used.

Get the free template!

I’ve even got the template to share with  you all! Just enter your name and email and you’ll be directed to the template. The template contains 14 black and white flashcards for specific sports included in the 2022 Winter Games (2 per page), and 2 blank templates. 

Enjoy the Winter Games! Be sure to check out all the Winter Games resources in my post on the Chalk Pastel blog!