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“Best Mom in the World” and I even have my own song!

You heard it here first! They were giving out “Best Mom in the World titles today, and I got one! At least, this is what my four year old tells me.

Best mom award

He even made up a song about it for me!

The story goes: Apparently, this morning, because his clothing choices of “shiny pants” and soccer shirt didn’t get a thumbs down from me, I rose in status. All the way to the top, as “Best Mom in the World!”

Wow. Is that all it took? I wish I’d known.

Suddenly, confetti was tossing, the crowd was cheering, and my son was singing my praises in his newly released single: “The Best Mom in the World-Yeah!”

What a day. I had to take a video of this for evidence posterity memory-keeping.

He’s been singing me this song since he woke up…. I just thought I should save this for when he’s …. oh fifteen or so? Or for the next time I pick out “the wrong clothes” #bestmomintheworld #youhearditherefirst #boymom #motherhood

A video posted by Julie Kieras (@juliekieras) on

Turns out, Best Mom in the World titles are not long-lasting. Not just a few hours later when I demonstrated how air molecules work in our homeschool class, I fell from grace when I used my son as an air molecule. Who knew it was this slippery at the top?

But I had a secret weapon: the video. Which I promptly played for him in the car after class, singing along as best I could (it’s a new tune for me). Proving once, and for all, that I am indeed the “Best Mom in the World.” Yeah!

My son kindly corrected my inflection of the word “yeah.” It’s hard to get just the right nuance there.

So… I’m passing this title on to all you moms out there. Because I know you are… The Best Mom in the World.


(I’m going to have to play this video for myself during those teenage years, when I’m doubting my mom skills!).


Monday 27th of February 2017

What a great little personality he has! Thanks for the smile!

Dandi D

Saturday 11th of February 2017

That's too funny and sweet--I have a few videos of my children that I can't wait to show them when they're older!


Friday 3rd of February 2017

oh wow could anything be more darlin' than this! I can't help but gush and go awww! How sweet and hilarious!

Susan P.

Wednesday 1st of February 2017

You're right - it will be great blackmail for when he's a teenager and embarrassed about things like this!


Friday 3rd of February 2017

Haha ... but just to be clear, I wasn't thinking of it as blackmail, but more to play it for myself if I need encouragement when those teen years come! :) I would never want to embarrass on purpose.