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Left-handed Kids Gear Guide

All right, who are my fellow lefty-kid moms here? My oldest is a lefty. It was kinda surprising (and cool) to watch him as a toddler early on, determinedly favor his left hand. At two, his pediatrician told us it could be years before left-handedness was definite, but… we knew. Because HE knew. Our lefty boy has navigated a right-handed world, well, handily. Even so, there have been a few awkward moments along the way. Moments made easier with the right (er, left?) kind of gear. So I put together this left-handed kids gear guide to help other parents of lefties out!

Thanks to my wonderful sponsors for supplying us with plenty of lefty gear to test out! Here’s some of the left-handed gear your child could benefit from (and where to find it, because it’s not always easy!).

Left handed kids gear guide

Teach lefties how to properly grip a pen or pencil

left handed kids pencil grips

The Pencil Grip Co., invented by educational therapist Dr. Lois Provda has become the #1 grip recommended by doctors, teachers, and therapists. Experiment with 4 different pencil grips for your child:

  • The Original – for both righties and lefties makes holding a pencil comfortable for kids and grownups alike. Place your thumb on the ergonomic grip and your other fingers fall into place. It’s the #1 grip recommended by doctors, teachers, and therapists!
  • The Pinch Grip – soft and flexible, this grip gives more control to the user while still promoting proper handwriting techniques.
  • The Crossover Grip – Similar to the original but with added wings to prevent fingers from crossing over each other.left handed claw pencil grip
  • The Claw – Perfect for K-6th grade, this fun and effective grip teaches kids where to place their fingers. Fits right or left-handed children and is also great for holding forks, spoons, or even paintbrushes.

Perfect their grip with a uniquely styled pen and pencil set

left handed kids pens

Stabilo created the Easy Start line of pens to be colorful and ergonomic especially for developing writers. Designed for lefties (there’s a version for righties too!), the Easy Start pen’s shape and grip promote proper hand positioning. The pens have a fast-drying ink that won’t smear under a lefty’s wrist. The Easy Start mechanical pencil version has a thick lead that resists breakage from young writer’s grip, and comes with a left-handed pencil sharpener especially for this style of pencil lead. Replacement ink cartridges and lead are available, so while the pens are pricey at $12.95 each, your child can use them for a long time.

Get these left-handed pens and left-handed pencils at Lefty’s Left-Handed store!

Lay-flat notebooks help lefties write comfortably

left handed kids lay flat notebook

Have you ever had to write over the top of a spiral bound coil? No, not if you’re a right, but my left-handed son said it’s very frustrating. To assist, you’ll have to either find top-bound notebooks (difficult!), or, invest in some lay-flat notebooks. Especially if your child loves to journal or keep records, finding a comfortable notebook will be important for their writing success.

A cut above for lefties

Have you ever watched a lefty try to cut with right-handed scissors? Scary stuff! They look like they’re about to impale themselves! Get your kid a pair of true left-handed scissors so your lefty doesn’t have to struggle with their craft projects. Left-handed scissors have the blades reversed so lefties can see what they are cutting and don’t have to twist their hand awkwardly. Remove the frustrations for young lefties!

Get your lefty cooking with the right equipment

left handed kids cooking tools

You won’t believe what lefties struggle with! My left-handed sister is a chef, and she always needs to modify in the kitchen as a result. Making cooking for kids easier (and probably safer) with the right gear. Like a left-handed measuring cup, with the measurements printed to face the left-handed user. Be sure to get a left-handed oven mitt to protect the hand while cooking. And, every good lefty chef needs a good pair of left-handed kitchen shears – make sure your lefty has one that fits their hand well (see my scissors statement above!).

Even brushing their teeth can be easier

left handed toothbrush

Yes, who would think something as simple as toothbrushing could cause aggravation for a lefty? Radius has created a line of toothbrush handle styles for righties or lefties (these are for adults but save this idea for when the kids are older).

  • The Original has a handle design so iconic, it’s in a Smithsonian museum! This handle promotes the dentist-recommended 45 degree angle for brushing. All the Radius brushes, from baby to toddler, kids to adults are 100% petroleum free and have vegetable-based nylon bristles.
  • The Source version has a handle made of recycled materials – like old dollar bills! Replacement heads  mean you don’t throw as much away, and you can reverse the handle to fit either a lefty or a righty.
  • The Scuba is made of recycled rubber and can be purchased in a lefty or righty version. It’s flexible neck and super-sized cleaning head gives a luxurious feeling to brushing.

Not sure where to stick your new Radius brushes? Try the Doc – a handy suction cup station for your toothbrush – or any utensil you need held off the counter: spoons, cellphones, or even razors in the shower!

Radius also makes a line of organic coconut oil-based toothpastes your whole family will enjoy. Using the age-old idea of oil-pulling, these toothpastes promote natural and gentle teeth cleaning without nasty ingredients.

Shop for your left-handed child!

The Pencil Grip Original Universal Ergonomic Writing Aid for Righties and Lefties, 6 Count, Assorted Colors (TPG-11106)The Pencil Grip Pinch Grip Ergonomic Writing Aid, 6 Pack, Gloss Colors (TPG-12706)The Pencil Grip Writing CLAW for Pencils and Utensils, Medium Size, 6 Count Blue/Red (TPG-21206)Fiskars 5 Inch Softgrip Left Handed Pointed-tip Kids ScissorsLefty's Left-Handed 2-Cup Glass Measuring CupLefty's Purple with Dots Oven Mitt for the Left HandLEFT HANDED SCISSORS 8-3/4Roaring Spring Left-Handed Notebook, One Subject, 11RADIUS - Original Left Hand Toothbrush, Soft Bristles, Designed to Improve Gum Health and Reduce the Risk of Gum Disease, Made with Sustainable Materials (Colors May Vary)Stabilo Easyergo 3.15 Left Hand Mechanical Pencil, Light BlueSTABILO Easy Left Handed Blister Sharpener - Petrol

Save this left-handed kids gear guide for later:

Left handed kids gear guideThanks to the above sponsors who provided products to review. All opinions are my own. 

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Friday 29th of July 2022

I’m so jealous! I’m left handed and i remember those horrible old silver scissors (ones for lefties and others for right) and how uncomfortable they were. But something happened along the way bc i lost track of all that and one day in my 30s realized I did most thing the “right handed way BUT not all things and i definitely don’t do any of those right handed ways very well at all. Does that make any sense? I still would not be the friend to ask for help if there’s anything involving scissors. And why are composition books even a thing anymore? I mean really? Binders are ok since you are able to remove things to write in them. And I’ve learned to deal with spiral notebooks but they’re not my favorite. But Composition Books are just cruel. 🙃 I would have loved to have a few left handed options like these growing up. They’re cute but don’t look like you have a handicap using them. Great choices. 👍👍

Jim Jefferies

Thursday 31st of March 2022

These tips are going to be so helpful for my left-handed students. Thank you!

Been looking at teaching writing left handed, and if anyone is looking, I'd suggest checking out this font to help teach the direction as well:

The grips are key, and I never would have thought of the basics of suggesting the toothbrush. Great tips!

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