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Teacher Appreciation Gifts Show You Care

Think back to all the years you’ve spent in school – I’m sure you have more than one teacher who stands out among the rest. One teacher who graced you with the attention and instruction you most needed at that time. It’s such a blessing to have those people in our lives. Teaching is hard work, and most people don’t see the day-to-day efforts teachers put in just to keep their class running smoothly. For Teacher Appreciation Week, these teacher appreciation gifts will bring a smile.

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My Most Memorable Teacher

Before I begin, I will share a little about one of the most memorable teachers in my own life:

She always wore impeccably matched dress-shoe-jewelry combinations. In vivid, peacock colored hues that perfectly offset her delicate features and graceful mannerisms. Her voice was soft and kind, yet confident and corrective in a way that never crushed our spirits. Her small, fine cursive swirled in light pencil strokes diagonally across our papers, filling up to half a page as she reacted to our writing with detailed praise and prompts toward improvement. I speak, of course, of my college Creative Writing professor – a teacher who stands out most memorably across all sixteen-plus years of my academic life: Creative Writing teacher Jamie Langston Turner! I can only hope that a fraction of  my writing lives up to the education she gave me!

Fun Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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Thank a Teacher with Cheryl’s Cookies

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Over thirty years in the cookie business, Cheryl’s Cookies offers fresh-baked cookies and desserts for all of life’s special moments! A sweet treat is a perfect teacher appreciation gift. Their extensive cookie flavors include: Chocolate Chip, Buttercream Frosted Orange Citrus, Buttercream Frosted Vanilla Cut-outs, Peanut Butter with Peanuts, Buttercream Frosted Triple Chocolate, Old Fashioned Sugar, Buttercream Frosted Lemon Burst, Buttercream Frosted Pecan, Oatmeal Raisin, Buttercream Frosted Key Lime, Snickerdoodle or Salty Caramel. 

You Rule Gift Tin – Select your choice of up to 12 different cookie flavors to fill this lidded tin. A bright “You Rule” sleeve decorates the tin, and then after eating the cookies, teachers can use the container to store their favorite teacher tools!

Thank you Cookie Pail – A shiny tin pail filled with sweet buttercream frosted cookies. Perfect for a snack now, and a storage pail for later!

Teacher accessories from Uncommon Goods

Collage of Blocks with periodic table, coffee mug, thank you cards

For something truly unique, and teacher-inspired, visit Uncommon Goods. They have a range of school-themed gifts at all price levels. Here are my favorites (all under $32!):

  • Library Card Mug – perfect for pairing with a box of tea or coffee sampler. A truly cozy gift for a teacher to enjoy on their weekend or summer’s off (I jest – there’s no such thing for a teacher!).
  • Composition Notebook Pouch – hark back to a classic, remade as storage for all those highlighters and pencils! Made of 100% cotton canvas, you can stuff this full of bright pens and markers for a bonus treat!
  • Periodic Table Building Blocks – a science teacher would love these twenty blocks listing the elements as a fun display or a teaching tool. Handcrafted in Michigan and printed with non-toxic ink.
  • Kid Quotes Memory Book – give your teacher a way for them to record and remember all their favorite moments with their students! Kids DO say the darnedest things! This handcrafted journal offers over 80 colorful spots to jot down something a student said or did.
  • A Year of Gratitude Thank You Cards – at the end of the day, teachers just really love the gesture. Write a card on these understated, but beautiful thank you cards to share a favorite memory or point out a specific way that teacher helped you grow. 52 cards in this box should last a few years’ worth of teacher thank-you’s!

Classroom decor from ArtSkills

Collage Teacher supplies, markers, poster boardLet’s face it, teachers always overspend their own money for classroom supplies. Generally, teachers don’t receive school funds for “room decor.” So help a teacher spruce up their classroom with a bright and bold assortment of classroom decoration supplies! ArtSkills has poster glitter letters, poster markers, jumbo glitter glue pens, sticky letters, lights/sound/motion features (like marquee lights and flashing stars!), and bright sturdy poster board and accents. Teachers can use these supplies to make creative displays and bulletin boards, or to use as materials in classroom projects. Fill a gift basket with an assortment of supplies to help a teacher stretch their classroom budget!

Photo Gifts for Teachers

Collage, Teacher gift ideas photo gift products I love the same day photo gift ideas from CVS. Order online and pick up your gift about an hour later, or use the in-store kiosk to create your gift. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Photo Collages – create a unique print for framing that captures a collection of school moments throughout the year. What a perfect memento for a teacher!
  • Photo Cards – personalize a thank-you card with a class photo and have all the kids sign it. Or use your child’s own photo if it’s a private thank you.
  • Photo Calendar – another way to memorialize the year is to grab a photo from each month of school and create next year’s calendar for the teacher (select August as your starting month). Next year, teachers can look back at “a year ago” memories with her previous class.

Of course, you can always order other photo gifts, like elegant and sweet mini canvas prints, accessories, and more, if you have 7-11 days for delivery. The good part about these gifts is that they can be delivered straight to your home (or the teacher’s!).

What are your favorite teacher appreciation gifts to give?

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Thank you to the brands above for providing samples for this post. All opinions are my own.