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5 Toys to Turn Summer Slide into Brain Gain!

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My youngest asked me the other day, “Is it summer yet!?” Well… I guess he’s not bored, but… inevitably during summer months, parents hear those dreaded words: I’m bored. Add to that, research from Johns Hopkins University for Summer Learning reveals that kids lost on average about 2.6 months of academic learning over the summer. So how can parents keep kids learning over the summer? Here’s a few great ideas to turn summer slide into brain GAIN instead!

Learning Resources Primary Science Outdoor Activity Set

prevent summer brain drainprevent summer brain drainLearning Resources is one of my favorite brands, because they really get that kids learn through play. And, they get that kids want to be outdoors in summer. So they combine those in this science kit! My son just found the most GIGANTIC stag beetle the other day. It terrified me, but he was engrossed. With this kit, he can safely pick up bugs with the bug scooper and deposit them into the bug jar. Using the built in microscope, he can study them to his heart’s content, without being afraid of getting stung or pinched. Activity cards give additional ideas for how to study bugs. Or use the cards to explore plant life and how seeds sprout with the sprouting jar and included mini plant pots.

Find this science kit on Amazon.

The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist Kits

Father's Day Gifts Father's Day Gifts

Science experiments offer plenty of opportunities for kids to learn and exercise their skills over the summer months. I’ve mentioned the Purple Cow science kits before but it bears repeating because of how versatile these kits are. Each tin box has at least a dozen experiments to try. You will need to provide a few common household objects, but the majority of supplies are included. The Young Survivor kit has ideas for making your own compass, creating a sundial, and even starting fire with water (yes!). Or try the Optical Illusions kit where kids will mystify their friends with disappearing coins, “broken” sticks, and more!

Tins are available on Amazon. Plus try their other kids like Young Detectives, Color Lab, or Water Gel!

Smash Pong from Educational Insights

prevent summer brain drainIf your kids are into challenges, here’s a fun one to try! Smash Pong let’s kids get active to attempt various challenges involving skills of understanding velocity, precision, trajectories and just plain luck sometimes! Challenge cards give many options for how to play, and kids can pair off and compete for who can complete each challenge first! Kids will love the “POP” of each trick shot as they play!

Find this exciting game on or on Amazon.

PlayTape from Inroad Toys

prevent summer brain drain

Another favorite of my boys: Inroad Toys’ PlayTape. Pretend play with cars and other vehicles comes to life when kids can lay down racetracks, roads, and rails for their favorite toy vehicles. PlayTape comes in many colors (red, blue, black, Hot Wheels orange, railroad, off-road), and several widths. Plus you can by corners and curves. Since this is a no-mess tape that leaves no residue and lifts off easily, you can let your kids put this on the walls, furniture, wooden blocks, kitchen table – you name it! And, it’s 100% made in the USA.

Find PlayTape at Walmart, or Or shop on Amazon.

Playgro Ball Activity Nest

prevent summer brain drainCan’t leave the little ones out, can we!? Babies and toddlers are already developing their little brains. So be sure to give them plenty of non-screen activity and play time! This sweet little activity nest from Playgro has four ways to play: lay flat, ball pit, balls secured, balls loose. It’s also the perfect toy for older siblings to engage with the baby in the house, while keeping baby in a safe spot. Find this play mat on Amazon!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer with your children. And that loads of play and fun are happening at your house!

How do you keep your kids learning over the summer months!? 

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