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Craft Activities for Stay-At-Home Fun

I have craft activities for stay-at-home fun for everyone!

Have we used up all the ideas yet? We’re heading into our 8th week of staying home, so perhaps it’s a good time for some fresh ideas. There’s a little of this and that, so browse the ideas – I’ve done every one with or for my kiddos, so they are kid and parent approved!

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Craft Activities for Stay-At-Home Fun

Hands-on Fun for Toddlers & Preschoolers:

activity bag ideas for preschoolers

DIY Crayon Rubbing Plates are simple to make with some white glue and a scrap of cardboard from a cereal box! Kids can make their own designs or pictures then use them as templates for backgrounds.

Make a sticker book – I originally created this post with toddlers in mind, but you can upgrade it for older kids too. For the younger crowd, perhaps a sticker book that to learn the alphabet or colors. For early elementary, they might like collecting stickers by category like “Favorites,” or “Animals.”

Upcycled cards are another great idea for kids. Just pull out old Christmas or Birthday cards, some scissors and hole-punches and let kids go to town. Plus, everyone will LOVE receiving these handmade cards!

DIY Purple Playdough Recipe

DIY Purple Playdough is easy to make and this version smells GREAT! My recipe is naturally purple, but you could always use food coloring too.

Make a fishing game for your kids to play. In this post I show you how I made a game with magnets and clips to “catch” treats, but you can attach stickers, notes, or other items as well!

And for the really littles – try these 10 simple toddler arts and crafts ideas!

Need more? Try these 6 Activity Bags for Preschoolers, and have an activity option for nearly every day of the week!

Cool Craft Activities for your Older Kids

Check out these customize-able t-shirts!

Collage of chalk of the town t-shirt craft

This spring, the boys and I discovered Chalk of the Town t-shirts. These are literally chalkboard tees! Kids can design and wear, then wash and re-design something new each time! Each shirt comes with several colors of chalk paint markers and stencils. It’s easy to create a slogan tee or artwork to wear. Pick from Speech Bubble, Unicorn, Heart, and other designs.

Close up of Chalk of the Town Chalk sticker and chalk pens

Chalk of the Town also makes chalkboard patches to stick on backpacks, binders, and other belongings. We designed one to thank our mailman for delivering the mail each day during coronavirus.

Check out the Chalk of the Town Shop to get your kid a cool t-shirt craft! And you can easily get these tshirt craft kits on Amazon too!

Comic Story Stones Craft

Comic Story Stones are a fun “make and do” project – once kids create the stones, they can use them to tell stories!

DIY marbled paper craft

This DIY Marbled Paper craft is a paper craft you can turn into framed art or greeting cards.

If you have any leftover Easter basket cellophane, use it to make these DIY Window Clings!

nesting bag for birds

It’s spring! Make this nesting bag for birds as they’re probably building their nests right about now, especially if you’re in a northern area.

For a challenge, how about a drawstring bag button sewing craft idea? (or take it down a notch and have them just glue the buttons on, or do a smaller framed design).

Teach kids a little about the medieval art of heraldry with this Create a Coat of Arms project (free printable!)

mess free crafts for kids

Or, if you’re doing any shopping on Amazon, check out these mess-free craft ideas and kits.

Craft Activities for Moms!

Start a new hobby with easy embroidery or quick sewing projects!

Embroidery hoop with heart design and colorful stitches collage

I am so excited to have partnered with Tink in Stitches for this post! I just made this rainbow heart this over a weekend thanks to an easy pattern from the Tink In Stitches Etsy shop! My oldest son even helped me with some stitches – so easy and relaxing!

embroidery tink in stitches

Designer/Illustrator Cheri Lehnow creates original sewing and embroidery patterns for a range of craftability levels! She also makes handy tutorials for the various stitches on her Instagram (which you’ll love following b/c who doesn’t love a parade of gorgeous fabric matchups!?

From beginning to expert, if you can hold a needle, you’ll love her easy patterns for pouches, folios, and other small projects. Follow her on IG for inspo! And grab a pattern to start this weekend!

DIY Cornered Tablecloth project

Got a small table the kids have dinged up and stained with their crafts? Cover it with a pretty tablecloth. You can machine or hand-sew a cornered tablecloth in an hour out of any fabric, or use a store-bought vinyl tablecloth for a waterproof surface.

DIY yourself some “me time”

DIY Lavender Eucalyptus Salt Glow Scrub Recipe

Try blending up this DIY Lavender Eucalyptus Salt Glow Scrub. Then take a bath to give it a test run. You deserve it!

For the guys – or anyone who gets their hands dirty – this DIY Coffee Scrub will help cut through grease and dirt naturally. And it smells delicious too!

No-Sew Projects for the Home

Fabric garland party decor

Use scrap fabric and make a DIY Fabric Garland. Whether you’re holding your child’s party at home now, or just want to add some festive flair to a chair, window, or doorway, this garland comes together quickly!

DIY Framed Fabric Wall Art

This DIY Framed Fabric Wall Art will make short work of your fabric scraps! Customize colors for any room or party. Use any frame and any fabric! The best part is, when you get tired of it, just remove the fabric and make a new one!

Save these activity ideas to beat the boredom blues!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these craft activities for at-home fun! Thankfully, the “Days of Quarantine” are over, but there are still times when due to weather or illness or just plain old cabin fever, we find ourselves stuck at home with the littles (or bigs!). I’m always on the lookout for great activities to keep the kids happy no matter what age or situation!

Comment below with your ideas for a good time when you’re cooped up in the house!

Thanks to Chalk of the Town and Tink in Stitches for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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